Minutes distribution/starting lineup


i know, i know, i can’t stop talking hoops, despite it being may. this is my projected starting lineup and minutes projection. this is not thought out so i’m doing this without much thought(like most things).
pg shephard
sg williams
sf martin
pf vasic
c supica
i think first off the bench are young, bertram and carrawell. i could see edwards stealing some minutes because of experience. in order, i think this is who plays the most minutes:
not sure if im forgetting anybody


Cooper Robb was 2nd in minutes last year behind Martin of returning players so I wouldn’t expect a drop to 8th. If it does, it means the rookies are ready to go but that’s perfect world thinking.

Bamba is 12th? Isn’t he like our backup 5? I’d expect 10-15 min from him. We don’t have many big guys. Anyone outside 9 shouldn’t see the floor.

Too many players I have not seen and have no idea how they play.


I think Carawell has a better shot at starting at the 2 than does Williams. Carrawell will play alot of minutes.


I didnt thibk this out too much, do I’m probably way off.


Why do you say that? From all the videos I’ve seen, Williams looks like the better player. Would you agree, or no?


I don’t agree.


I think Carrawell gets more time at the 2 and Williams gets more time at the 3…different games.

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I haven’t seen them in person…but everything I seemed to read made it sound like Carawell was the more highly regarded coming in but I do think they will both end up being big contributors…and early on.


Williams shot 31% and 33% from 3pt land his senior and junior year respectively. With his height, I’d say he is a 3.


From the videos I’ve seen, Williams looks more athletic, better ball handler, more developed and a more consistent shooter. Be also had bigger offers. Of course, highlight videos can be misleading.


Bryce is Henry’s son…I dont need to know anymore. He will be good.


We have actual competition on the roster for the first time in years. Couldn’t be happier.


Carrawell is better right now.

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Brice WIlliams in my opinion is a ready to go freshman player. He can be our stretch 4 honestly as he is about 6’7-6’8 ish . he could def be our starting SF coming in. He WILL be good . Carrawell was the more highly regarded recruit but i think Brice will be the much better player. Don’t sleep on Jahmir Young! He will challenge for the starting PG position.

My projected Depth chart
PG - Shephard/Young
SG- Edwards/Robb/Bertram
SF- Martin/vasic/younger
PF- Williams/bamba
C- Supica/Risetto

I like Young to get alot of minutes based on his on ball defense. Bertram is our best pure shooter. I like Risetto more than Supica but He is unproven . I really like brice williams to be our go to scorer alongside shephard and martin.


You don’t think Carrawell will even be in the rotation? No way that holds up.


I don’t have a prediction as far as minutes or lineup, but I think Younger makes a big step from freshman to sophomore year.


I agree with most of what you said except for Carrawell…he is a big bodied 2 guard that will be ready to contribute from day 1 if he works on the defensive end. He will be the first guy off the bench for shooting guard…certainly big enough to play the 3 as well.


I’ve seen CSC play all of once, in the playoffs this season. He worked hard on defense despite not being a burst / quick athlete, especially in the half court teap. He got winded though (or maybe he wasn’t feeling well… don’t know). In any case, aside from possibly conditioning I don’t expect any effort issues from him.


i hope Carrawell proves me wrong you guys! I just don’t see him contributing his first year…


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