Morehead State postgame

Ended the year on a good note. We’re officially FBS now!

Seniors! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here are some fans really enjoying the game. :slight_smile:

Love the green jerseys and black pants. Uni’s better than all black.

[quote=“ZombieLew, post:1, topic:29168”]Ended the year on a good note. We’re officially FBS now![/quote]Hopefully we have an App State like turnaround for next year. They were bad last year and turned into a pretty good team this season with a freshman QB.

Hope Barden is legit and can play next season.

More importantly though is for some of the defensive recruits we have coming in to be contributors.

The good:

[ul][li]Kalif Phillips. Kid is a beast. Today was a cherry on top of a killer season. Damn near 1500 yards rushing on the season. 20… TWENTY touchdowns… 20!!![/li]
[li]Richard Murphy. Hell of a run young man. [/li][/ul]
The BAD:

[ul][li]Attendance. The crowd was embarrassing today. 8k tops- that is inexcusable. Our students have sucked all year long, today was the worst. A complete disservice to the team and the Seniors… I don’t care what attendance is like across the country, we’d have been lucky to fill Halton with that crowd today. BOOOOO to the students for an awful season… BOOO to the Alumni who didn’t show today. And a huge BOOOO to the AD who have shown they have ZERO clue how to market and manage a Division I football program. [/li][/ul]

Uh huh had to have his voice heard at the end of the senior recognition when it was quiet. He use to not bother me as much but damn he’s getting annoying. #attentionwhore

To S9ers last point, it bothered me that the AD seemed resigned (defeatist) about attendance, before the season even started. So “why even try”. That is no way to run a D1A program.

Flashing the “U” was getting pretty old too.

Exactly! Why not offer half price tickets to fill up the stands for senior day.

We were talking in the stands today that we have not heard of tickets on sale on radio, tv, etc. Seems like nobody was working trying to sell tickets. Thought IMG was in charge of tickets sales.

Hart learned how to punt about the 4th quarter. However, total season only 3 punts have been returned against us.

The route that had ford turn and look directly at the sun needs to be thought about during time of day on the home turf.

Lambert and tall must have had some talks. More pressure packages the last few games.

We have a QB controversy next fall IMO

Phillips is a beast. Need depth.

Hope gainey is ok

Lambert mentioned they were going to have to address RB depth in recruiting. I still think it’ll be Barden @ QB next year, will be hard to keep his talent off the field.

I’m glad he mentioned it hard to build depth when you kick half your depth chart off the team.

I’m glad he mentioned it hard to build depth when you kick half your depth chart off the team.[/quote]

I wonder if Lambert is sending off the FCS type players so he can replace them.

I dont foresee a QB controversy next year. I still think it Matty J’s spot. His backup on the other hand might be in question and probably will be Barden.

clt mumbles Riley.

Game went pretty much as expected, and its good to get a win to end the season. I can’t believe year two is already over. I’m a little bummed there’s no more football games till April, but excited for next year. :slight_smile: