Most over / underrated Restaurants

I ended up tweeting a couple of times about restaurants this week as I have family coming in from out of town soon and I was looking for a good place to take a couple of retirees with “big city” tastes - whose perception of Charlotte is that it’s all strip malls and chain restaurants. I don’t think that’s true. (incidentally I have to find a place that my teenagers would like too - they don’t like stuffy places).

Anyway, was a big thread today about most over and underrated Restaurants, both fast food and sit down, and I thought it would be fun to poll NNN opinions on local places (and non local too if you like).

My most overrated fast / casual was Jersey Mike’s (too expensive), and I suggested Publix as an alternative, so I might call them most underrated.

Chick Fil A got a lot of overrated responses.

What are yours? Any gems in the city you wanna point out?

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Overrated? Basically everything people rave about constantly.

Underrated? Local loaf. Consistently crank out excellent food at reasonably good prices. Feel like food quality to cost ratio here is among the best in the city.

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Clover Joes in the courtyard. Their meatball sup is awesome.

I’ve never heard of Local Loaf. Looks like it over near Haberdash.

They have the best pancakes IMO.

They also have the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had, but it is the one thing on the menu I get that I don’t feel like is a great value. it’s $12 and doesn’t come with anything else.

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Don’t hear enough people talk about roasting company. Charlotte staple forever, everything on the menu is amazing, and it’s cheap. Doesn’t really fit the Charlotte vibe of whatever the newest place with high end decor is now the “best” restaurant.

Most overrated, and this is a tall order because the list is expansive… Macs Speed Shop. I’m never more embarrassed than when out of owners ask about good BBQ and ppl rec macs.

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Will definitely have to check that place out.

Made me think of this place in Concord, which is really good:

Excellent brunch spot but solid lunch too. Everything is handmade.

I really like the atmosphere at the o.g. Mac’s on South on a perfect night. But yeah their food is very overrated IMHO.

Overrated - mac’s speed shop
Underated : Original midwood smokehouse


Overrated: beef n bottle. Used to be good. Terrible now
Underrated: deans italian steakhouse. Incredible


If I am getting BBQ in that area I always go to McKoys. As a motorcycle rider the guys that show up at Macs get on my nerves. Also the hush puppies and butter at Mac’s is the only thing I rank top notch there.


This is interesting. I think Beef and Bottle is old school cool, but I definitely was not very impressed with their steak, or frankly the food overall. Seems to be more of a throwback night out place than excellent food to me.

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Macs on South Blvd., definitely loud but a cool place.
Not my fav barbecue spot but some of the best wings I ever had.
Uptown - Cowbell. Cool vibe and great burgers.
Last 2 times at Sullivans steakhouse - not good - overrated.


North Harbor Club
Havana 33

Juniper Grill - Ballantyne

Johnny Burrito
Flying Saucer

Duckworths anywhere

Ditto Cowbell

Waterman is pretty good. Food at Suffolk Punch pretty good too for a brewery.

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Disagree about Duckworth. Great ambience. Really good food.

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clt says get the mommoos wings at duckworths

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I remember back in the day, Hooters was the place for hot chicks with hot wings. Not anymore