Move the students back to 104

Tonight confirmed it for me. The students need to go back.

The football team was giving mckillop hell for 40 minutes and it reminded me of the good ole days. It absolutely creates communication issues for Davidson. That IS an advantage and every time we don’t use it, we are failing to help our hoops team.

whatever it takes, talk to who ya gotta talk to but get the student back where they belong.


So the football team was behind Davidson’s bench?

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They were in 104.

I agree, all of the students need to be United again on that side of the court. It’s far more intimidating.

Wonder why over half the guys left early in the 2nd half? Kinda pissed me off, but whatever. 104 def needs to be the loudest students out there. Students in the ends dont even stand up, or clap until the final minute, if that.

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Talk to fuller. Talk to hill. Let them know. I have emailed fuller. I am going to type another email tomorrow. I know they can’t shift it mid season, but this is a tradition at Charlotte that had no business dying. The students were moved to shut them up about Judy. Period.


To be fair, there were no chicken opportunities.

How long has it been since the students got moved from 104?

I know they were still there in 2013-2014. After that year I began my judy boycott. I don’t remember when they moved them

We got moved after that season, the split killed the student section and the involved students were not United. Really sucked.

104 is a part of the student section according to the seating chart. As a student I sat in 105. The alignment sucked. It was hard to hear what 104 was chanting and you ended up with 2 different chants going at 1 time. I always felt putting the most loyal students in 104 and the rest behind the baskets would be the best layout for atmosphere. But we haven’t had anything to cheer about in 7 or 8 years until tonight. So who knows… anyway, just win

*See our win over Tennessee down town as an example. Students were split

At the end of the game I wanted to get Lew back on the front row to lead us in “Winning team, Losing team” for old times sake.


What sucks is we have been bad for so long that we have lost all of our traditions in the building. We need 104 full of students, undergrads. That isn’t going to fix things though. All the things that students did from the opening until 5 years ago when they got moved have been lost. We need to not only move them but also get a chance to have former student leaders - Lew, Jesse Garber, Ryan and more of you to sit and talk to the new student leaders and pass those traditions on.


I have volunteered my time to do so. Like I said, reaching back out today.

I even still have a whiteboard for em

clt blames the kings

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They were not moved because they wouldn’t shut up about Judy.

I’ll agree to disagree there. I’ll tell you that’s about the exact same time they remembered how to use the sound system during timeouts :upside_down_face:

I’m not saying there weren’t other reasons, and of course they will never say that on the record, but it was absolutely a contributing factor.

The majority of the move reason was financial and to open up more premium seats since the student attendance had declined. The error was of course why would people pay to watch a poor product that students wouldn’t go to for free. :man_shrugging:t3: It’s all in the past though. It’s a new day in Niner Nation.

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But 104 is still students…

It was totally removed from students and sold as tickets. Then after a Few years they made it grad students and now it’s just regular students I believe. Point is they pulled students originally for revenue reasons realized the mistake but the damage had been done.