MTSU postgame

Well that was a perfectly appropriate Charlotte 49ers level dick punch.

So much left on the table this year… 4 wins on paper looks good compared to last… but watching these 11 games, 4-7 is a terrific disappointment

We can start paying attention to special teams anytime now…

No kidding bleeds. Long over due

Brad Lambert is a below .500 coach and I don’t see that changing. Zero FBS home wins after two years is unacceptable. The playing calling in this game was illogical.

I believe we are on the cusp of being a legitimate team. Will a change of staff help that? I just hate seeing all these close losses.

I think we have to make a change of our OC. Play calling is awful every game and his son has not caught a pass all year. Lemay should be starting WR or playing more than Mullens.

clt says our football team belongs.

Too bad that our fans are not showing up and no one seems to care.

I like Brad Lambert. I don’t want him to be fired, but if he’s not going to make the changes that need to be made. It’s time for him to go. People will actually stop coming to football games. We have no historical reason to care at this point.

This season has been like the girl in high school that wore mini skirts to class and pant suits on a date.

lol if you want Lambert gone. He is creating something special. Give the dude a break he had NO foundation coming in. Most coaches at least have something. Yes – the play calling is questionable. IMO we win that game with Kalif P and our healthy o-line. Hasaan is only a soph. Our receivers never help Hasaan out. Rarely am I impressed by a catch. Austin had a few nice catches. The last two plays to kofa and Mullen HAVE to be caught if you want to win.

How many games have been lost in the last minute of play this year?

Our bowl game

Answer-3. Seems the defense falls asleep in the last minute of the game? FIU, Rice, and MTSU, all were winnable…?

Hopefully we can pull out these close games next year. We are making progress.

Our record should be 7-4

I’m managing my expectations.

Oh and I should add, the officiating was fucking terrible.

With all the seniors we lose this class, won’t be a better time to make a coaching changes. I’d be okay with Lambert staying if he makes a change at O-Coordinator. But if Lambert has Mullen at his side next year I can’t rationalize the purchase of season tickets. It’s not like there will be a waiting list for season tickets when things start to turn around.

Thanks Judy.

[quote=“NovaNiner, post:17, topic:30641”]Oh and I should add, the officiating was f***ing terrible.[/quote] Anyone care to explain what “forced touching” is. Not a rule I know about.

Please no Trump jokes. Thank you.

I hope Lambert is mulling over some personnel changes to improve the team next year.