mUSChamp fired

Healey will be on the “short list” but I can’t see him leaving at this juncture. I still have high hopes for WH @ Charlotte…top two choices to be Billy Napier and Jamey Chadwell…Hugh Freeze is dark horse.

No offense but I don’t think Healy has earned a spot on that short list. There is a reason other fan bases call us delusional. I remember when people were tierrified GA Tech would hire Price. That was never gonna happen.

Healy will need to build his resume a bit more before he gets an SEC gig.


I agree

USC would love to get Freeze. But he will likely hold out for a better offer.

The Gamecocks are baffling to me. They have perhaps the best, most loyal fans in the world, great facilities, the SEC, tons of money, legislative support and they still can’t get it together. The Chicken Curse I guess.

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God doesn’t like the wholesale slaughter of roosters for the amusement of rednecks.

I would have worried about this at the end of last season. I’m not worried about it right now. Chadwell at Coastal is probably top of the list if they want to go for a G5 coach.

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Napier, Freeze and Chadwell. Has to come down to those 3.

Napier played at Furman and was an assistant at Clemson and SC State. I’d put him as the favorite,

I guess the price of the Cockabooses will be going up. What a year to pay a buyout.

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They’ll want an innovative offense mind, Freeze makes the most sense. I would be shocked if Healy on the short list, they’ll be looking for someone with more Ws.


No chance healy is even in their top 10. Price to GT at least had some legitimacy to it - no way does USC roll the dice on someone with Healy’s current resume.


They are paying a 13-15 mil buyout to Muschamp. I would assume Freeze has a large buyout as well at Liberty due to just signing the extension through 2026.

I don’t think the timing works for Freeze to change jobs in the next 1-2 years.

I would assume Napier is at the top of the list on a short contract.

The media loves Healy. Got his name on the list. Good for him.

clt is hearing chuck amato was spotted on the Carolina campus

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National radio guys has Freeze at top of the list. Buyout is not an issue for SC

I wonder if Joe Brady gets on that list.

Didn’t think about it but that’s an option too.

I doubt we have much to worry about at this point but just for informational purposes:

David Scott (davidscott14)

Will Healy’s buyout: $631,250 if he leaves after the first year, decreases to $505,000 over the remaining years of the deal. Also, Healy’s new team would have to schedule the 49ers in a home-and-home series. @CharlotteFTBL @Charlotte49ers

That’s a really low buyout, even if you include the home and home buyout, for “one of the most innovative minds in the game”. I am not sure why they wouldn’t pull the trigger.