mUSChamp fired

You left off the first part…

“Will Healy, Charlotte : If everything else falls through, Healy would be a candidate. But everything else is not going to fall through.”

Muschamp was a .500ish coach at Florida, that was one if the biggest criticisms when South Carolina hired him. They will not take that chance again. If they have the money to pay Mushchamp’s buyout then they do for Freeze as well, would Freeze take it though? He’s making a pretty good living now.

Also buyout is tied to salary, Healy is not making that much money comparatively. He lobbied more for the assistant pool to get increased.

Agree but getting his name out there is a win.

Getting his name out there puts the spotlight a little bigger… Healy is getting to the point in his career that its time to put up verifiable results or just be considered a great hype man. Of course we live in a world of fake it till you make it testimonials and every 18 year old girl a fitness model with work out packages you can buy online for a limited time only. Hopefully all this works out in our favor.


I guess? Our coach being a high profile candidate for other jobs means little to me if he hasn’t sustained significant success here. It’s good for him, meh for us as far as I am concerned.


That’s a really good post TSD. Agree wholeheartedly.

We are on the same page. It’s great for him. It doesn’t mater for Charlotte unless he wins more games.

We can all agree Healy is great at hyping Healy. If you have a camera or a mic, he will show up. As I have said before, he is making a good damn living off of 2017. The fact that he is even being mentioned speaks to the great sales/hype job he is doing. He’s 22-30 overall and Dennis Dodd at CBS sports is calling him “one of the most innovative minds in the game”. He is doing something right.

We must remember, he wasn’t even the first choice for the Charlotte job.

For our sake, lets hope that hype translates to wins soon. TSD nails it above.

Our first choice picked up some press on GameDay this weekend.

"Pat McAfee also put the program on blast, saying “What I’ve learned in the last 24 hours is that I will never ever, ever bet on on the East Carolina Pirates because their coach is the softest coach I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”


Yeah, not the press you want. I certainly advocated for this guy and thought he would have been the right hire. It’s not looking good at all thus far so, to this point, I was wrong. Way wrong. Tough spot for Houston in that conference where he will play 2-3 ranked teams a year.

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We should get the opinion of that big Cocks fan that used to post on here.


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You forgot to add, he’s 0-2 against App and got drilled by a bad Duke team. (mic drop)

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Can’t blame these guys

Healy on Thamel’s list:

I don’t see the new Gamecocks coach being that much more successful than Muschamp. They’re schedule every year is brutal and they don’t have a winning tradition like other schools in their conference.

I agree. They are basically Chapel Hill in a tougher conference but with better fans.

Finishing 1-3 in the eastern division of the SEC isn’t a monumental task. That will get you a major bowl and a top 20 ranking. I think that is all they are looking for.

It’s going to be Shane Beamer or Billy Napier

I’m a big Healy fan, I think he’s going to take our program to new heights, but with that being said.

He really hasn’t done enough to justify getting hired at a P5 program. He has a .500 record at Charlotte, and our crowning achievement is beating a 8-5 Marshall team in the rain. Any P5 AD that hires him is either desperate or believes in him so much they’re willing to put their job on the line.


He loved the Muschamp hire right up to the point that he hated it and according to him always did hate it.

I panned it on this board and he called me a rook and predicted the Muschamp era would exceed the Spurrier era.

I wish I could find it.