My 2 FSL's are for sale

I received my renewal today for my two seats (Sec 103, Row 9, Seats 1&2), which reminded me I’m just not interested in keeping these anymore. No idea if there is a demand for these, so $500 for both OBO.

Attached is my renewal form just to help confirm I’m not a crook. PM me if you are interested.

Definitely interested. Are you selling just the season tickets or the Full FSL?

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Full FSL’s. Both for $500. If you’re interested, PM me.

clt recommends not posting your mobile, unless it is a burner.

Lol, I wasn’t paying enough attention when viewing the message on my phone and thought I was replying to a PM. Thanks for the heads up. :+1:

I can’t figure out how to send a DM on here. I’m gonna check with Dan D with athletics about how to do a transfer but yes, I agree with that price.


Thanks for the interest, everyone. The FSL’s have been sold. Was a pleasure being a co-owner since the beginning, but best wishes to all of you and the program.

Are you walking away from the Niners? Or just from buying season tickets?

Dmastinsc, did you have to pay a $300 transfer fee? I have 2 FSLs in Section 104 Row 5 from original sale that I haven’t renewed season tickets and planning on just walking away and letting go altogether.

If yall dont mind me asking - why are you walking away?

For me, it’s just a perfect storm of reasons. In no particular order, NIL rules changing student-athletes into basically minor league or semi-pro players, transfer rules making student-athletes more or less free agents for whatever school they want to leave for, and injection of politics into sports and divisiveness on both sides of fan base in what is supposed to be a unified fan base cheering for Charlotte. Just not enjoyable for me anymore.

The last straw was probably having COVID and how that changed my life priorities to where sports just aren’t that important and family is my first priority.


I get it. The NIL and transfer stuff is weighing heavy on me as well. Hope you still come around some.

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Thanks I appreciate it! I did plan on keeping my BB tickets as that has always been my passion as far as sports. I was thinking of walking away when Sanchez was retained but just can’t get myself to completely give up hope although any sane or rational person would have after the past 16 years :grinning:


I get all the reasons and if it weren’t for tailgating my interest level would be even lower. I am pretty much the definition of what I used to hate, a fair weather fan. If we’re good, hooray, if not, eh I’m fine.

The tailgate scene with friends and family are definitely what’s keeping me engaged way more so than the teams

Good to leave when you know it’s time for you to leave. For me I’ll never leave unless I can’t afford it financially.


Pretty much the same for me at this point. I no longer make it a priority to go to or watch games. If I have nothing else going on sure I’ll tune in, but I’m not going to bother attending at this point unless we are good at something.

I’ll probably hit a baseball game or two this year, probably the same for football next year for the Maryland and USC games, but bball is dead to me until something changes.

I make it a priority to go to every football game if possible. I would go to basketball and baseball too if I didn’t have to travel so far.

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I understand why people are questioning the issues above. I get it. But feel the same way as you Nirvana, Never miss a football game (wanted it for too long) but wished I lived closer for baseball. 3.5 hours round trip is pretty tough… Even with my green tinted glasses, I have trouble watching this style of basketball… and am not sure I would make the effort unless major changes happen.

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I’ve been on the fringe, at best, the last couple years. This past year with the disappointing football season followed by a very disappointing basketball season, finally left me asking “why” when I got my renewal notice. That was a first for me.

It’s been 23 years since I sat in Halton as a student wondering how in the world we just beat #3 Cincinnati. That was my high as a Niner fan and there’s hardly been a single thing that’s compared since that night.

Selling my FSL’s today hit harder than I expected, but I honestly can’t say I’ll feel that loss for long, which is even more sad. I can only hope for the program’s sake that I have a reason to regret it in the next couple decades.

However, since most of you don’t know this, my major contribution to the program, and the thing I’m most proud of and will always cherish, was my contribution to removing Judy Rose. was mine as well as the online petition that got something like 2,500 signatures. She resigned 30 days or so after both of those launched, so I’ll always be happy knowing I helped the program move on from that tired administration.

I hope the Niners somehow find their way back to relevance sooner than later so all that work was not in vain. Until then, good luck and best wishes Niner Nation.