NC High School Football

This is a shot at how our football stadium is High School level, but I do agree that we should be hosting the NC playoffs.

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He acts like its the first time he has seen it…probably was, come to think of it.

clt asks how many NC high school championships are hosted in the biggest city in the carolinas?

The guy writes about sports for the newspaper in our city and this is the first time in a decade that he has been to campus?

Really says a lot.


clt says guys give him a break, we just opened the stadium 10 years ago!

When’s the last time we hosted any high school athletic events that would have gotten Wertz on campus?

Wasn’t there a high school football doubleheader a few years ago?

Edit: Mallard Creek played Chambers in 2018

I believe Wertz is putting us down. Read it like this: this college stadium is High School appropriate. You can feel the smarm. Hope I am wrong and he is just too lazy to do his job. Either way he isn’t a fan of Charlotte.

I don’t think its a put down because right now the championships have only been at major college facilities. I think its unfair CLT area hasnt hosted a champ game and I live in RDU area.

I thought his recent tweets about CCUNC football, the reboot a decade ago, and JR stadium were a good thing. Would be nice to see our facilities used for high school athletic activities like basketball and football playoffs.


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clt finds it amazing that a sports reporter in Charlotte wasn’t curious enough to visit a new football facility in his city. take the light rail and have lunch at the owl.

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Langston Worst. Hasn’t stepped foot on our campus in the 10 years we’ve had football but will always chime in each time we’re hiring a new coach with a Panther or Hornet that’s totally unqualified.


Yes, this! Exactly.

And people wonder why the Observer is dead.

He went out of his way to mention that it was his first time EVER stepping into our stadium. Then gives us some back handed ‘compliment’ about how we should host HS games because our stadium holds 15,000.

I did find it funny that when he was called out on our historically negligent coverage from the observer, he had to go back through the archives to find the handful of times we were front page. The thought of him wasting his time scrolling through all the archives makes me laugh!!

Back on subject: I would love for our facilities to host HS championships. No doubt they would be great for recruiting. We recently hosted the State Games at the Hayes and ended up signing a player from that event immediately after.


Ok, that’s both cold and entirely fair. :rofl:

There’s a reason the Observer hired him back in the day and why he constantly takes shots….he’s simply doing as he’s told by his communist overlords.

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Idiot :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I met his father and he seemed to be a really good man. It’s too bad his son turned out to be another Tarhole prick in a dead end job

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