NCAA Investigation of UNC-CH

I’m sure I’ll get posterized for posting this, but UNC-Chapel Hill is under investigation by the NCAA for football. Don’t chuckle. It sounds serious and the NCAA is on campus. WOW!

Slap on the wrist time.


And this is in the 49ers Sports Forum because? Geez! ::slight_smile:

Valid thread on this message board. No deriding for that.

But wrong forum, pal. Someone get a rope…

hummmmmmm, not on the Observer Sports Page. Must not be true then. We all know the O never gets it wrong or misses important things.

This news broke 3 hours ago and still hasn’t hit the big o’s site.

This is in the wrong forum, but you’ve already read more about it here than you are likely to in the Big O.

I hope that the program gets the death penalty. I hope that the NCAA is hard on them as well. 8)

[quote=“Powerbait, post:2, topic:23567”]Slap on the wrist time.[/quote]Cleveland State better watch out.

Poor vikings.

It’s an investigation into what the Holes did wrong. Why would the O report that? The O would report it if the NCAA were investigating the Holes for being the most compliant program in history. :))

God I love informed posters. My compliments to you and kudos to the Tark

For the record, I’d be very surprised if they committed any major violations, they don’t have to. Even the woeful football program, they can recruit well.

USC and Kentucky of years past didn’t have to either.

Black Santa??

Darn fine point.

clt expects good ol roy to tell the ncaa to sit down and that is last that we’ll hear about it.

clt says enjoy:

It’s a shame nothing will be done. The NCAA needs a Roger Goodell clone.