NCAA prez Mark Emmert

University of Washington president Mark Emmert selected to replace the late Myles Brand as NCAA CEO… Mark Emmert selected as NCAA president

Around the Horn discussed the fact that during his time at Washington that Emmert stated that he was going to push for a football playoff. I hope he tackles this head on and can get rid of the BCS, but from his recent comments after being hired as Pres he as starting spouting the politically correct BS regarding a playoff.

This from the Dallas Morning News:

[b]On the NCAA's role in deciding if there is a college football playoff:[/b] "The football playoff system is a creature of the university presidents that are out there - and that's rightly so and that's the way it remains. The NCAA, with me as president, my position will be to work with those presidents in any way that is useful to them. It's not a topic that the NCAA is going to be driving. Does the NCAA know how to run championships? Yeah, they're great at it. That's one of things they do really well. So they can be of service as people think about this question. At the end of the day, it's not for me to decide. It's going to be up to the presidents. The role of the NCAA is to both be a leader and a servant." [b]On what he thinks is the best approach for a college football playoff:[/b] "I'm not going to tell you. The fact is that there is Mark Emmert's personal opinions and then there is the President of the NCAA. And in that role, it's not my personal opinions that matter any more."

Here we are 11 years later and according to his employers, Emmert doing a bang up job!!!

clt is hearing Bobby lutz was spotted in Indy today

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He was so pointless I didn’t even know his name or would recognize him on the street. NCAA is a toothless giant.

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Under Emmert’s watch unc cheats were allowed to walk away free after 18 years of academic fraud.
This ended the NCAA’s authority over any of the big guys.


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