New CUSA Multimedia Rights announcement



So CBSN, Stadium, and some Facebook? Yikes.


New deal:

Compared to old deal:

Less football, more basketball being carried.


Stadium is FB …


My thoughts on

  • One subscription should grant access to all content.

  • Mandate production quality minimums.

  • This shouldn’t cost as much or more than ESPN+ that is coming soon at ~$5/mo…


The new CUSA media deal was announced and no games on ESPN. Only limited games on CBS College Sports, Stadium, and Facebook. No money.

Time to put the force of Niner Nation behind the campaign to depose the conference commissioner Judy Macleod!


I would be willing to pay for but the production quality and the lack of a usable streaming app makes it a huge waste of time as well as money!


Yeah, they really need to get some kind of FireTV or Roku app for that to be feasible.

Nobody wants to watch games in their home office.


Unt’s ad tweeted that BeIn is still in place for this year and being renegotiated as well. He said revenue is up substantially from the previous deal.

If true, Stadium must finally be kicking in some money.


I still hate it. I want all of our non-broadcast games on a single widely accessible platform: eg ESPN3.

Also I hate it because GF diesnt offer CBS Sports. But that’s my problem. It does suck that CBS has no streaming option.


all of our home games can still be on ESPN 3 if we step up to buy what’s needed.

Today’s deal is good because it Was revenue positive and cbs will only take inventory they choose. It’s not all inclusive

Also the stadium/fb games are incredible Hd stream. No complaints there


Pretty sure we are up to espn3 standard. We have, IMO, the best looking digital production in CUSA.


The stadium feeds are okay, but they cannot be cast to TV.

Facebook feeds are higher quality, but the stream constantly stalls, the “hosts” are corny, and Facebook blows. It’s awful and I will never have an account there.

ESPN3 is easy, widely supported, and growing in adoption.


Deal went from 200k/year to 400k/year per school.

Still in talks with ESPN.


Even if more money is coming in than before this conference model needs to go. Costs are high for so little money… In our current state of athletics we need to break up the belt and cusa and hodgepodge the local teams together. We really struggle to build rivals or even teams people care about in the situation we’re stuck in.


ESPN is struggling and just doesn’t have the resources to bring CUSA into the fold. I am not sure what the Sun Belt has right now for contracts, but soon they will need to do something as well. Regional TV contracts on local TV or online content is the way to go these days for us.


Completely agree. Give the Sunbelt the Texas teams & we can take App State, Coastal Carolina & the two Georgia teams. We cut down on travel & gain two nearby rivals. Not where I want us to be in 5 or 10 years but we have to show some success in whatever crappie conference we are in before the AAC or any better conference will come calling. We don’t gain anything by playing teams halfway across the country that aren’t that good.


It is a strange world when schools like Rutgers gets around $34 million and Vanderbilt $40 million per year for media rights and a whole conference of 14 schools can’t get a fraction of that.



And if things don’t pan out for ESPN’s gamble on ESPN+ then we will see what happens. CUSA needs to be really creative over the next year or two with social media and advertising. I feel like they are 3 years too late there already.