New CUSA Multimedia Rights announcement

I wonder if this makes it easier for WCCB to pick up games. Can they just pay for the ESPN feed?

Another question…

Does this mean the production quality will be ESPN caliber? What little I’ve watched of our games online, it always feels like I’m watching a high school game, not a D1 college football game.

Great news! BeIn Sports will pick up some games too.

dmastinsc - IMO, it depends. I know ESPN has stated standards, but its really up to the school doing the production. The stronger G5 schools will tend to have better production capabilities, and we’re among the better schools in that regard. WKU is supposed to be good too, though they’ve yet to impress me.

Anything has to be better than CUSA.TV. It may be about the same, but I don’t think it’ll be worse, and it should be cheaper and more accessible overall.

I really think the most pressing question is if ESPN+/3 will allow scoreboard feeds? If we can avoid those, its already a huge step in the right direction.

Per the Big Lead, Jeff Goodman will be joining Stadium. Another former ESPN staffer - college football analyst Brett McMurphy - reportedly also headed to the upstart sports network.

clt says just sign with espn and call it a day

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Zero games :pray:t3:

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Does this mean we are on SECN??


More likely ACCN.

Thank the Lord! We should be able to watch all of our games live without having to touch CUSA TV. They need to just go ahead and throw it in the dumpster or make it free.