New NIL - Goldmine Alliance

Yup not doing that.


Ethical disagreement, right?

I’m not a huge fan of the current environment (NIL and transfer portal) but it’s the new normal and wonder how we will compete overall. I have been asked to donate and while I would consider it, the dollars I give are a finite amount and to fund the NIL I would need to give less to Athletics or the University which is concerning if others do the same. Our AD needs the regular funding PLUS the NIL dollars and I am not sure where those funds come from.

Only exception I see is if we get our sponsors to move dollars there as part of a package deal. CPI can get their logo on stuff and a college player for commercials for XX dollars as an example.

Yup I totally disagree with this approach. I am absolutely not ok with our students going into debt and paying fees for an operation where the players are making money.

You are right - Chris Fuller told me nationally what most ADs have seen is NIL is just redirected athletic giving. Donating to help a kid go to school is one thing, but I don’t donate to the panthers.

I know this is how it’s being done right now, but it is not something I will support.


For recruiting purposes every school is going to establish a NIL collective. You have the right to contribute or not contribute. There are many things I’d like to change in college sports like the transfer rule but things have devolved to this point. I do like the ability to contribute to sports that are most important to me. I’ve been contributing to the Evergreen campaign because I’d like to see an expanded football stadium.

Yeah, I can’t contribute to this either. I’ll contribute what I’ve budgeted to the Athletic Department and continue season tickets in both sports for now but I’m not diverting or increasing. I really don’t know where this ends up, meaning college athletics.

I understand that this is the new normal, but I disagree with it and I won’t support it.

Given the last 16 years of little to no success and joy in the two big sports, it is harder and harder to write my checks for foundation and season tickets for bball and football.

I know amateurism is gone but doesn’t mean I have to legitimize it with my $s.

I miss the old days of hundred dollar handshakes, “jobs” and bags of money handed under the table.

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Seems pretty inconsistent with not liking Will Wade then.

I have no problem with NIL but the collective model is not what it was meant to be.

It was meant for a way for players to cash in on their fame - ( see Caleb Williams, Olivia Dunne at the national level, I don’t have a good example of the local or regional level).

Not a means to funnel money from fans or boosters to any player they want to sign.

The worst is the UBI style payments from collectives which effectively are giving players at the lower 2/3 of the roster far more than their worth on the market.

I always remind myself. These players are still getting grant in aid, room, board, training table (ie better food than the typical student), access to a ton of academic tutoring, summer school classes if needed, a red shirt year, networking opportunities, stipends (which closed the (I have a scholarship but no pocket money and life kinda sucks compared to my student peers situation).

If they are on scholarship that’s a pretty damn good package.

And on top of that they get to play the game they love.


It’s the name of the game. If Charlotte admin/fans don’t buy in, we might as well pack the tent up and go home. Many bitch about not winning, but won’t jump in and help.

I do need to see more information from goldmine alliance. I like what ECU does with subscription levels, and they put out good content with what’s been raised and where it goes. Hopefully, we will evolve and get better with more information and where our $ would go.

Many people bitch about not winning but have been giving for decades and continue too.

NIL is brand new.

A lot of us have to come to terms with it.

And I don’t think packing it in is a possibility.

What’s most likely is a split off of the NIL/revenue sharing (or whatever the hell they decide to do) schools and the schools that can’t or won’t participate in that.

I’m with NWA on this one.

I find it offensive that our students have to pay a hefty athletic fee to prop up this system.

It would be one thing if it’s a star (Chris reynolds for example who got a couple of lucrative NIL deals locally on his own). The blind pouring of NIL money into a pool that’s used to bring players in……. That is dangerous territory in my mind with the athletic fees in place.

We need to get to a more traditional place that focuses on academic progress and competing on a level that we can compete at.

Seriously give me the new FCS. I’m all in.

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The problem is that it will never be enough. To be honest, if this is what college athletics is and will turn into, I don’t care at all about, not just our success, but any schools success. For those that think throwing a million here or there is where it will end, then I’ve got a Charlotte CFB Championship in 2024 to sell you. This year, it’s a million; next year it’s millions; the year after is millions + home + luxury car; etc, etc. Most schools will never be able to keep up and I’m not sure I want to support a program that will. No way in hell that I’m going to pump money into a program where the student athlete (that is begging for my money) will be making more than me while in college.

Let the big boys move on and claim that they are national champions (and the best) due to the amount of money thrown into a program. Can we just pull the damn bandaid off and reorg as soon as possible. Create regional wannabe conferences that will alway be subservient to the big boys and I will be extremely happy and would possibly give more when I know and can support where it is going.


Looks like Brewster is running into the G5 dilemma. He is good enough at his job to get the players but not enough money to seal the deal.

I agree it is a hostage situation once it starts. This years QB will want more than last years and someone will pay it which ups the ante for the next QB.

Totally agree. It sucks and the alliance rollout has been awful but its the name of the game. Have to do it to compete

Its not necessarily about winning the natty but with the CFP expanding, we can at least make the plsyoff, which would be huge.

Agreed, but I’m afraid that the carrot on the string will become rotten as “the haves” push back when the “have nots” make any advancement whatsoever. This is why the breakup should just happen and let’s see what can be settled with the other 85% of the teams that will not be invited to the We Are Richer Than You Conferences. I think there is a way to create the split and have the “have nots” still be extremely successful, build loyal fan bases, and create standing room only for every game due to having rivalries that actually matter versus getting a stiffy every once in a while playing a “have” team. Let them go off and keeping comparing manhood sizes and just let the rest of us actually watch competitive sports.

clt says NIL can have a negative impact on businesses

hire a UNC CHeat player? clt ain’t buying yo shit or service

That comment works until you compare Charlotte’s results to lesser funded programs that have had better results over the past 20 years. Sometimes money doesn’t solve everything.

Completely agree and two things can be true.

lol. Might want to look up the word sarcasm.