New Option for Niner Apparel

I’m sure some of you have seen this other places, but we have launched a new webstore for Charlotte 49ers apparel! Check out the website at Orders placed before midnight on August 11th will be delivered before the William and Mary game.

@Onecampusco will also get you to us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.



I checked your website out last night. Looks like some great stuff. I plan to place an order soon! Thanks.

Is the color of the green from the Green Nike 1/4 close to our green in person? It looks a little bright from the pic. Been wanting one of those for a while.

This website was mentioned previously in the Niner Gear thread.

That’s probably the right spot for it.

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Most of the Nike stuff is a little brighter than our green, but I don’t think it is as exaggerated as the picture looks.

I’ve 7 different greens in my closet

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The shades of green thing has gotten much better in recent years. It’s nowhere near as bad as our Kelly Green And1 basketball unis days.

The variations we have now are similar to what a lot of other schools with primary colors outside the basics tend to deal with. I think it’s fallen way down the list of priorities to nearly a non issue. Have some nits to pick on the football helmets but that’s about it.


It’s tough to guarantee a color unless you order it custom. While we’re not opposed to $100+ gear, our primary focus is availability and an easy shopping experience and with that comes different shades across different product lines.

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Sneak peak at the next release: