NFL Network to carry CUSA Football games


Good news, 10 CUSA games will be on an easily accessible channel.


Great news!


That’s great! Gone are the days of feeling like I’m on the Napolean Dynamite set while watching the game on a grainy tv feed!


clt says make yourself a dang quesadilla!

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We now have 3 threads with this story/topic. Can we get a 4th?


Tells you how shitty our media deals are


Glad the conference is getting more coverage but it kind of sucks to have to pay for ESPN+ and also upgrade my Spectrum tv package to include NFL network. Already pay an arm & a leg & for just $20 more a month I can upgrade to the Silver package which includes NFL network which I will watch a few times a year & a bunch of other useless channels that I will never watch.


Would definitely be nice if we could get a dedicated to package or streaming service. Hate paying for espn+ cusatv foxsports and now NFL Network. I know we want viewers but there has to be a better more unified way.


Is there a guarantee we will be in one of the 10?


AT&T has dropped the NFL Network from most/many of its packages.


No. TV schedule has not been released


I believe CBS Sports Network has first tier right to CUSA games which bodes well for us to have one on NFL Network since CBS probably doesn’t consider any of our games in their top 10 choices.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that.


Nothing is given but it would a head scratcher not to put on a school in an NFL market in at least one game. We do have Marshall at home on November 23rd cough cough.

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Not sure we want a national audience seeing us in THAT game.


Judy is that you?


Gonna be a great move for the conference every bar and restaurant in America has NFL Network


Quote of the Week:

“We’re in the competition game, it’s what we do,” Hill said. “They expectation is that if we sponsor a sport, we intend to be highly competitive in that sport. There are no built-in excuses for us to struggle in any sport we sponsor.

“If we accept mediocrity and the ordinary, I’m not sure why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

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clt says he didn’t mention the student athlete experience. What the heck?