Niner Nights

I’ll probably hit the noda one

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Going to the night in Denver. I am looking for a no BS night next week. Last year it was smoke and mirrors. Our previous coach guaranteed me a win over FAU. We couldn’t even beat FIU.

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Lol I remember the fau game. Ninercentral and I watched it with some friends/neighbors that aren’t Niner fans. It was pretty embarrassing.

We basically all just clowned on us after the first quarter because that was more entertaining than the game.

Yea that was brutal, sometimes the first game tells the tale.

NoDa event is sold out.

Who else is going to Royal Bliss?

I am.

Royal Bliss is sold out but I will be there. Go Niners!

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That’s fantastic! First time both events have sold out iirc.

First time Biff is at Niner Nights. Not a coincidence.


Anyone have a recap of tonight?


Biff said Niner Nation was going to love how the Club Lit players played with their hair on fire.

Most left crying and in a state of severe depression.

One guy was hiding under the stairs sucking his thumb and saying “playing 15 yards off the receivers is a good thing, a good thing” over and over again.


We are excited to see you this evening at Royal Bliss Brewing Co. for our second SOLD OUT Niner Nights of the year! Royal Bliss Brewing Co. is located at 7532 Royal Bliss Court, Denver, NC 28037. All registered guests will receive 2 drink tickets and access to a buffet. The buffet and bar open at 6:00pm with the program beginning at 6:35pm.

Our panel will provide a preview of their upcoming season and answer questions from the audience. Speakers include Athletic Director, Mike Hill, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Aaron Fearne, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Cara Consuegra, Head Football Coach, Biff Poggi, and Assistant Head Coach and Senior Advisor for Football, Jon Jacobson. In addition, we will be joined by several players.

Getting excited!


Bringing whole Burrito family


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Biff wore an awesome green dress jacket. On the collar it said “Run the Dang Ball”

Lucas Gramlick was on campus for a rugby competition. Poggi saw him in the dining hall, said “Who is that?” Talked him into playing football one more year.

Said the reporters at Media Day gave this program a great gift.

Players were asked who in the AAC they wanted to beat, crowd answered ECU. They said the opponents are all nameless and faceless (Poggi reiterated this and said the goal was to win the conference).

Gramlick talked about how football in the PAC XII is finesse, here it’s physical.

Navy tickets are so scarce they excluded that game from the prize drawings

Poggi said this is the last tine you’ll hear from him or the players till Sept 2nd, the time for talk is over it’s time to start doing.

I’m paraphrasing and had a couple of drinks so apologies for any misquotes. An awesome event and I’m ready for kick-off.


clt says norm needs to watch the carbs

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