Niners start as 27.5 pt dogs to UNC CHeat

I’d be mildly upset with anything over 20 points had we lost 20-28 Saturday. Letting that last score happen makes me think Vegas is being nice to us with the line.

It would be devastating to lose Watts.

27.5 is reasonable… They were 23.5 over Syracuse… We’d be more than a 10 point dog to Syracuse

If we lay a turd it doesn’t seem like Brown will try and run up the score. He seesm to like Healy.

Mack Brown’s a good talker and a likable fellow I guess. Wouldn’t buy a used car from him. Loyal to Chapel Hill until he isn’t, though I doubt at his age if he’ll be taking another Texas type job. Maybe Kansas will need a basketball coach. :smile:

I find him, so far, to be one of the least objectionable Chapel Hill employees.

Not about the opponent,but the athletic released their weekly rankings of the 76 teams playing this fall. We fell from #59 to #61 while App climbed from #19 to#16…

Can’t say I see that much difference in a home win that wasn’t sealed until the closing minutes, but whatever…

All that seems to count is the W.

Didn’t we determine a while back that the ACC mandated their teams to play in-state for non conference.
That would make Mack Brown’s statement the usual mealy mouthed BS we expect out of Chapel Hill.
I looked at their 2019 schedule and they played in Chapel Hill against Mercer, which I guess is in Atlanta, NC

ACC could not play outside of their home state. So they can play anyone as long as it’s in N.C. The attempt to preserve Clemson/USC, GT/UGA, etc

Just “our luck” we catch the holes on an upswing.

2 deep for cheat game…

I felt this way early on, but let’s be honest, we weren’t ready the past few years for them either. We just are a young program and we are going to have to take our lumps. A win would be a massive upset. If we can keep it within 20, I’d be happy.

I’m not touching that 27 point spread though. I did take us to cover vs. App.

So umm Watts is starting? That means he checked out okay?

According to D Scott we should hear something today.