Niners start as 27.5 pt dogs to UNC CHeat

Well that explains what happened Saturday, Mac Brown couldn’t beat them either. :dizzy_face:



Based on the recruiting skills of Healy I assume we have this covered and shouldn’t miss a beat. Next man up.

Dom Shoffner is a very capable quarterback:

Certainly looks like it. My concern is that you would assume a healthy Shoffner would be more effective than a hurt Reynolds. If that is the case why didn’t Healy make the move at halftime when it was clear Reynolds wasn’t effective.

And why did we throw 30 times??

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Healy didn’t know until after the game. something I bet he’s pretty sore about

I didn’t see anything that indicated he didn’t know. He said he was injured on the first play of the game.

Would make sense if that is the case.

My guess would be…
Probably because Reynolds was able to continue (albeit not as effective)…and because Schoffner hasn’t had enough reps the week leading up to that game to really be “ready” for the gameplan for Apps defense, the reads and schemes they put in for that game.

Would probably have been different if Dom had been on the team for a year or 2. But he’s only been here for a few months during a Covid shortened preseason and camp.

That is a good interview with Dom. I like Chris and hate that he is out this week, but now I am pulling for Dom to win this game and take the starting spot. Sounds easy when I put it like that.

clt says he looks like a dom good player. Glad to have him!

Doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile…winning’s, winning. -Dom

espn has the spread at 30 now. I guess it moved after it was announced that Reynolds was out.

View from behind enemy lines.

I wonder if it is his right hand…during the game I saw him stretching out the thumb, shaking it, etc., but just a guess and maybe it affected his throwing the ball because he wasn’t the sharp Chris I’ve come to expect.

If the injury was “upper body” and he was fiddling with his thumb, I’d be worried about nerve damage.

Reynolds was one of the best QBs in the conference last year and would have been this year as well. This is a big loss and hope he has a speedy recovery.

Shoffner stylistically looks like he can run this offense and was very good in JUCO, but Reynolds shoes are some large ones to fill.