I am auctioning a new, still in the bag, Adidas ClimaCool 49ers golf shirt with all proceeds going to NinerNation.Net so post your bids below. The shirt is a men’s Large and is relaxed fit, perfect for noon football games in the South. I can meet you to deliver this somewhere in the University area, or elsewhere in Charlotte if there is a restaurant nearby where I want to eat dinner, or best of all during tailgating at a home game where you will receive a bonus cold beer.

If you have any questions post them here, or PM me and I will respond to you. Let’s run this through 5:00 pm Friday, August 23, 2013. Pay me when you get the shirt and I will pass the money along to Mac.

Bumping this to get it on the Recent Topic list.

Nice looking shirt, but too big for me.


I like where you’re going with that, Cibik02, but how about I do $08.31.

$2013.49…wait scratch that



It’s been a while since I went in our free gym. If an XL somehow surfaces, I’ll participate.

$19.49 8)


Just to head off any confusion–on Friday after 5:00 pm ET I will find the top bid here using the time stamps on the posts to determine the last, highest bid. I will accept any bids during the 5:00 minute, so if your bid comes in at 5:00:49 you are good, but if it comes it at 5:01:00 it is too late.

Bid on this shirt. It is a great shirt.

You want this shirt.

Can I get a $25?

I’m waiting till the very last minute like one of those dicks on Ebay.

Iff’n it was an XL, I’d be all over it.

I’d pay 30 for it.

someone just bid $49.49 and get this over with 8)

Was it made in the USA?

Sounds like half of Niner Nation are fat asses…less competition for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“cibik02, post:17, topic:28111”]Was it made in the USA?[/quote]No. I do not think any shirt is made in the USA today.