North Texas post game

We were dog mess in the first half, but I loved seeing PH step up his game.

He took it a bit too far with the taunting, but I’m not mad. Total coincidence, but before the game I posted the '99 Cincy game when Diego was jawing in Kenyon Martin’s ear at the FT line at the end of the game. Diego had “it”. Love seeing some of that kind of fire from PH; and him both looking for his offense, and converting.

UNT absolutely imploded. They are a poor outside shooting team, but they also showed a lack of character and resilience. Harris was ridiculous. Been a while since I’ve seen a player get DQ’d like that.

One thing to remember is that this is the first time we played against a 3-2 all season. Doesn’t excuse the turnovers, but I am happy we figured out how to beat them.

Was also a blast to see our walkons finally get in a game.

Good win.Now need to take care of Rice on saturday in a quick turnaround.

1st half was about as bad a half of basketball that I have ever seen. When they got the techs they totally fell apart and we seized control.

As a side not the atmosphere in halton arena is putrid.

Finally blew out an inferior opponent at home, even though it looked like we were going to struggle after that horrible first start. Yes that zone threw us off a bit, but still.

PH 21 points on 4-4 shooting, that’s two really good games in a row from him. Kind of what I expected from his all season long.

Clayton is the most frustrating player I have seen in some time. He is what he is, but dam he could be so much better.

The first half problems are just baffling

That’s being kind. Starting with the slow boring intro music, everything just kind of slow and quiet. The grad student section idea is terrible.

We won and Clayton dunked, that is all.

Wow, dunked?! How were the free throws? At least 25% I hope?

We played terrible until that kid in the front row of 111 finally turned his “4” balloon around. Kid looked stupid for quite some time.

We turned it around once he fixed that.

I wondered if that was his first dunk ever. Anyone know?

Turned out to be pretty entertaining what with Willie about killing Mike in celebration and 4 technicals. NT shot very poorly and not all of that was our defense. I heard on the post game radio show that they were shooting 50% in their previous conference games, so good for us.

Our (interim) head coach was quite active. ;D

Everyone who thinks Benkovich should get more time changed their mind after tonight, I hope.

Good to see BO make his three point shots. He made 2 in the first half and the team had 20 points at halftime.

We beat the spread. That hasn’t happened in a while, at least not that I remember.

Wow, dunked?! How were the free throws? At least 25% I hope?[/quote] Free throws were around 70%. PH made about a dozen and missed 1, so that brought the team average up.

[quote=“NinerWupAss, post:3, topic:29338”]1st half was about as bad a half of basketball that I have ever seen. When they got the techs they totally fell apart and we seized control.

As a side not the atmosphere in halton arena is putrid.[/quote]

Those techs were the turning point in the game. North Texas got rattled, and we were able to get some easy points after struggling against their zone. Once they starting trying to man us, the rout was on.

It was good to see BO have a good game. Still…it’s tough to get that horrific first half out of my head. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see a lot more zone from some of the “lesser” teams in the conference. We looked lost attacking it in the first half.

Dorn had a tough night tonight. We should be the kind of team where that shouldn’t matter because there would always be somebody else that is having a big night. We aren’t that team though. Glad we won.

I think you guys summed everything up. I groaned when the starting lineup went back to the old. Once again we were flat, but nice adjustments after the half with attacking the zone.

We didn’t start flat, we struggled after making substitutions and going to the 2-3. We actually did better in man tonight.

Fun game, 23 for them can play basketball, the rest of their team is trash.

I would think teams trying to zone us will normally get shot out of it, unless they have a really good one or all of our shooters are slumping. The freshmen seemed to have a tougher shooting night. They might do zone to control our height down low (better than many of the teams in this conference), but we should have enough outside shooters on this team to make teams pay for doing it.

I was glad to see that 2nd half. The first half had me really concerned we had hit our midseason swoon already. Maybe Henry can carry us again when the rest of the team starts to struggle like that, he is playing much better.

Clayton played 35 minutes tonight despite all the turnovers. I wish we could get Blakely more time, but we seem to need Clayton out there for rebounding.

I dunno about fun. Frustrating might be a word I would use.

Not sure if anyone saw this but when that North Texas player was ejected and was leaving the court near his bench he was throwing up gang signs (or some sort of hand signal not the middle finger) at our crowd…pretty comical

Much the same as has been said. glad we pulled through for the win but the first half had me worried for sure. A comfortable win with a relatively substantial lead late is what we needed and got, so that is a positive.

Maybe someone else can comment because I arrived just before tip off. But I heard they had some pretty cool things they were giving away at the “garage sale”? When I got there, all they had left was Clay Aiken bobble heads…and yes, I got one. Maybe I just can’t turn down free stuff?

Go Niners!