ODU Monarchs Game, 1/21



Old Virginia vs modern Virginia.


ODU 78-60 over Southern Miss today.


Need a free ticket for tomorrow. My brother is coming with his kid and may or may not be over 2. So in case they ask we can provide a ticket instead of maybe lying. We’ll be sure to leave her birth certificate at home so no proof of age requirement.


Check your email. :wink:


I can promise you…I did it with 2 kids (10 years apart in age) over a period of 6-7 years combined. If you pick them up and carry them in…as long as they aren’t huge and look like they’re 10…they won’t say a word.

I didn’t do it intentionally to subvert buying a ticket…I just assumed the rule was in the 5-6 range. Due to the crowds at the time…I would just pick em up and carry them in just to be both quick and safe…and no one ever said anything. I found out later the age is actually 2 and I assumed it was because I always carried them in.

But I guess it could also be because it looks like a real douche move by the ticket person to stop a family from going in and telling them they have to go stand in line to buy another ticket.

Either way…if you’re kid is close to 2…you absolutely have no worries.





My 8 & 9 yr old team from the Dowd YMCA will be scrimmaging during halftime today. My son will be #4 of the blue or white team. I expect to hear/see some chants/signs for Ethan Love!


Also, good chance JD moves past Lang for 5th on the all time scoring list. Needs 17 I believe to tie and 18 to pass.


So you must know Andre the Sports Director. He came from UCity YMCA. We hated to see him go. It has not been the same since.


No heckling tips for us? It’llmake him stronger! Jk


Love the green accents.


Great first half, not so in the second. Ugh!


Terrible defensive intensity in the mid 2nd half. I know the guys were worn down, but ODU had too many wide open 3s, and took advantage. The 1st half was great basketball.

I thought Mangum had a better game, and seemed to keep a more positive attitude. McGill played great D in the first. Haslem has rocks for hands. He played hard, just couldn’t find the handle he needed.

Hopefully the guys will bounce back for the upcoming road trip.

And to the students, I wish they could cheer for the team like the do the chicken. They are BEYOND pathetic.


ODU started double-teaming Davis from the first tip, and in the second half they triple-teamed him at times. He still scored 30. We held ODU to 24 points in the first half, and let them score 52 in the second, but I think it was their TO advantage (9 to 15) and FT percentage (88% to 70%) that won the game for them. Tighten up those and we are right there at the end. Mangum saw 12 minutes tonight, and did not score, but did grab one key rebound with authority. Supica had his usual good game with 11 points and 8 rebounds, and beyond that the Monarch’s 7’1" 285 lb Center played two minutes and watched the rest of the game, because he could not stop Supica.

Much like the Southern Miss game, this one showed me that we are getting better this year, and are not all that far from being as good as our opponents. I just wish we were deeper.

Roland VanDenBergh, Center '77-'81, was in Halton on Saturday and today. This was his first time back since he graduated, and little kids were taking pictures with him. I am sure their granddads were setting that up, but “The Bird” looked like he was having a great time. I love stuff like this.



Give the students a decent product, ex. the first half, and we will cheer, but when we play like we are the school of the blind and deaf in the second half the only thing keeping us in seats is the hope of free food.


Sorry man, but no one was cheering the entire game. The first half and the end included. Its abysmal


I agree with you but at least those students are in the seats. I’d rather there be quiet students than no students. The missing students are the problem, then let’s worry about the noise. Students will make noise when we win and when halton is fun again… and free chicken. We are essentially playing to not miss out on the cusa tourney at this point. Hard to get overly thrilled right now. Just to add, I made more noise for the chicken too than I did the rest of the game.