Official NNN Game of Thrones (HBO) thread

That is very much in character for him, and I loved it because the series teeters on the edge of being sanitized shlock without it. Martin wrote tons of that stuff into the story. So far it has come across as a few random one liners, but the books are full of more believable “human” elements like that.

I thought they were doing 1 season = 1 book? Could be wrong. I think with as slow as episode 3 was, episode 4 will be crazy.

That’s the plan. I think I forget just where book1 stopped. I should go look it up. 7 more episodes to go, and then Clash of Kings next season (which I cannot wait for).

Tyrion is the only Lannister that is barely tolerable. I really don’t like them. I had a post in here that seems to have disappeared.

Arya is badass. All of the starks are except for Catelyn and Sansa. They suck.

I just read the book 1 plot synopsis to refresh my memory.

… yeah.

:clamps hand over mouth:

ie: Walt(from Lost).

Seriously though, I have that feeling too. Perhaps kill the Prince the next time she gets a chance.

Tonight’s episode was great. About time things got going… though that stuff between Renly and Loras, I don’t remember that in the books.

Watched episodes 4 and 5.

Stuff is starting to happen now. Vicerys is definitely going to get what’s coming to him. Khal Drogo doesn’t seem like the type to let his wife get slapped around and the shiner she has on her face is going to piss him off.

I found the scene where the king and queen were talking about a potential invasion to be riveting. Its the first time we’ve seen King Robert speak genuinely about a fear of losing the kingdom (or about anything other than getting drunk and screwing around).

Ned’s choice to stand up for himself and resign as the hand of the king would probably carry the death penalty, would it not? Seems to be the least of his worries though, being that he’s got a spear through the leg and I would suspect will bleed to death due to femoral artery.

Lady Stark’s sister…wow, don’t even know what to say about that family situation. Looks like Tyrion is in some deep shit. I genuinely despise the entire Lannister house except for him, so if he dies and the rest survive, I’ll be pissed.

I continue to like the youngest Stark girl more and more, and I have a feeling that she is going to be a major player later on in the story. Also, the scene where the men go from chasing pussy to her chasing a cat in the next frame was genius and hilarious.

There is literally not one trustworthy person in Kings Landing, is there? No place for an honorable man like Ned Stark, that’s for sure.

The gay brother of King Robert doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude it seems to take the throne, and I’m pretty sure that Jaime Lannister would put him out pretty quickly when it comes to that. I just don’t think Robert is going to last much longer. The conspirators that killed Jon Arryn seem to be powerful enough to do just about whatever they want.

Lots of other stuff going on too, but these were just my impressions.

My only complaint about the last episode was the fake breast. Com’on HBO, you’re known for realism! LOL!

tonight = wow.

I think this show gets better each episode.

Yep. More to come. I keep thinking they’ve veered off the books, but my memory is just fuzzy. They’re leaving some things out but the main plot line is well on track.
I still miss the dire wolves though. They’re MIA.

Well after tonight’s episode I don’t think Ned Stark will be doing anymore stupid things. Whether any other Stark’s do remain to be seen.

Final episode this weekend. FWIW, I approve of this suggestion:

Dang. Final episode already? Seems like there’s only been 6 or so.

10 episodes, but yeah, pretty quick.

And this is why I hate HBO.

Game of Thrones Season 2------------------->Spring 2012.

That was a good finish, but I hope they expand the already large budget for more battle scenes and a little more scale. I don’t think the size of the Dothraki army was ever correctly conveyed. And there are some huge battles coming next season.

[quote=“49RFootballNow, post:36, topic:25259”]And this is why I hate HBO.

Game of Thrones Season 2------------------->Spring 2012.[/quote]

What is bad about a one year wait? You’d rather they churn out repetitive crap like networks?

What is bad about a one year wait? You'd rather they churn out repetitive crap like networks?

I don’t think that 9 month breaks equate to better shows. After the almost 2 year break the Sopranos went on; the rest of the series was never up to the first few seasons’ standards.

Plus now all they have to watch is freaking True Blood, yuck!

True Blood is awesome and a lot better than Game of Thrones. 9 months isn’t that long of a wait for a TV show with the level of production these shows have.