Official Stadium Construction Thread

UPDATED - Webcam Link:

We only have 3 months left before Rec Fields 8 and 9 begin their permanent transformation into the home of Charlotte 49ers Football. Eventually in this first post we’ll add the webcam for the stadium construction once they get it up and running. For now feel free to add any pictures you want to take of Rec Fields 8 and 9. Please label the pictures with appropriate details, especially once we have something more than an empty field to photograph.

From the Duke entrance

Looking down the middle of the field

The Atom

EPIC in progress

And of course your intrepid photographer!

Thanks for starting this thread as it will soon be my favorite for years to come.

Aerial photo.

It will be a thing of beauty once completed. I love how it will integrate into campus and preserve the existing sightlines through the rest of campus.

That is a great pic BoJ. Can’t wait to see the finished product from the same perspective.

This is gonna be fun. I remember when the SAC/Halton was being built. I’d go out there at least once a week to see the progress. It was a great thrill when it finally opened. Anyone else still have your “49ers Pride” tee shirts with the “No Place Like Home” and men’s b-ball schedule on the back? They gave them out at the first home game that year vs app state. I have 2 and treat them like religious relics. :)) I do sleep in them, sometimes. ;D

Those must have been for you high-rollers in the lower deck, because I was there and sure as heck didn’t get one. :frowning:

clt picked up one @ goodwill, during the clt era.

Those must have been for you high-rollers in the lower deck, because I was there and sure as heck didn’t get one. :([/quote]

Nope. I’m in section 221. I believe they gave them out at the door, maybe to the 1st 3000-5000? Next time don’t be late. :wink:

I’m ALWAYS early to the games and I had 3 people with me for that opener against Ap. My seats were actually in 221 or 222 that first few years as well. Knowing Charlotte, it was probably the first 1000 or less that got the shirts. I might not have been in the first 1000, but I know I was among the first 2-3,000 because I remember not many people being in their when we arrived. We watched it slowly fill in. Of course, it didn’t sell out but IIRC there were about 7500 there that night.

This thread IS useless without pictures.

Per Panning For Gold, football webcam will be on top of Grigg Hall.

As cheap as those things are, I hope they’ll get 2-3 of them and assemble some good time-lapse film for us to view when it’s near completion. One webcam is not enough for something this great.

Is there something new to see in those pictures or are these our ‘before’ shots?

For historical documentation.

Went to the baseball game yesterday and afterward walked out by the site about 4:00 and imagined what it’s gonna be like when games commence. On April 2nd the angle of the PM sun is about what it is around September 9th, so I got to thinking: I hope my FSL seat will be on the stadium side facing away from the sun. Hope those of you in the AD take heed to this. Attending Panther home games early in the season are brutally hot/blinding sitting in sections on the visitor’s side on their field. Please AD, put my FSL on the sun-to-the-back side of NINER Stadium.

My understanding is that as of right now all Green and Gold FSL holders will be on the “home” side.

The flip side of that is freezing your butt off come some of those November games when you sit on the side of the stadium that gets no sun during the game and the wind is howling at 20+ mph. I’ve been burnt to a crisp at games and have been turned into a Popcicle, and it’s hard to choose which one is better. You can always put on more clothes, but not if you didn’t bring enough. At least when it’s hot, you can go get an overpriced, ice cold beverage. I can always cool off when it’s hot faster than I can heat up when it’s cold. The first season will be a good learning experience.