OK State Cowboys Game 11/10


Michael Weathers has been reinstated to the team. No word yet on whether he’ll see action versus the Niners.

Meanwhile, we definitely won’t see Indiana transfer 6-4 G Curtis Jones.




I don’t envision this going well.




This is going to be one ugly debacle with our very young, thin, inexperienced team trying to learn a new system with a new coach. (Does that about cover it?)



Anyone think Pics will have the football game on?



Anyone have an extra ticket for tonight?


Wow! Way to finish guys!


Tried to watch football game and BB game online today. Basically buffered for 4 straight hours but I ain’t mad nope not fucking mad at all.


HOLY SH**!!! What a game. Way to fight. Loved the defense in the second half. JUST THE PURE EFFORT. I LOVE IT. Way to go Jon Davis. Just a great effort from everyone. That was exciting as hell and so much fun to watch. Don’t tell me good defense isn’t fun.


Biggest comeback since coming back from 16 down in the 2nd half to beat Tennessee in the '90’s!!!

Was it 2nd half defense…was it Ok St taking their foot off the gas…was it coaching???

WOW…just WOW!!!

Dirty Sanchez just might get this ship turned around sooner rather than later…can’t wait to see what he can do with a couple of recruiting classes!!


Great job guys…great job Dirty Sanchez!!!

Oh yeah…Thank you again to Mike Hill!




While I feel the need to keep my expectations tempered, there’s no telling what a little confidence could do for a young team learning a new system.


I just found it online…the largest comeback was at Tennessee in 1995.
We were down 53-26 with 15min to go and won 76-73.

This has got to be 2nd only to that for our largest comeback ever.
We were down 24 with 14 min to go in this one!!!



Well no one saw that coming. Good game to be at. Defense played well in 2nd half and the law of averages hit osu after their hot 1st half.

Guys other than Jon seemed a little less timid out there in their 2nd game.

Cooper Robb had big plays. The team defense looks pretty good overall moving around. We are not giving up as many wide open looks like we have in years past. Sanchez coaching on the sidelines is fun to watch, shows a lot of passion, doesn’t show up refs and complain every call.


Great comeback.
Worst last minute home cookin’ since our loss at George Washington.