OK State Cowboys Game 11/10


Won the game, got two Chick-fil-A sandwich cards, and a couple of pint glasses. Big night for me!


My wife just called that the major of pours because of the amount of head.


LOL! She is not wrong. I needed to run out and put some chicken on the grill and didn’t pay much attention. Also finishing the last Bud Light tailgate beer, it isn’t 95 outside anymore.


1-1 with two winnable home games coming up!


I don’t know what Sanchez said at half time, but we were not the same team coming out of the locker room. I could see the pack line spacing in the second half, and I have not looked yet, but I bet OK State’s shooting percentage dropped significantly too.

Section 104 is back! The failed experiment is no more.


Great to have a game like this to help the team buy in to the new scheme so early in the season. The 2nd half should be proof that the defense Sanchez is coaching will win games. I imagine getting players to buy in to playing defense is harder than a run and gun offense style of play.


If the second half is any indication of where we are going, there is nothing slow or boring about it.


Agreed. I still think the idea of being the team everyone hates to play (because of defensive intensity)…is something the guys can buy into and be proud of moving forward. Especially if it wins games…like this.


I streamed the FB over my cellular hot spot while at the bball game. No issues on ESPN+ for me. I’m not sure what stream the TVs at Halton had but it looked good and was not ESPN+.


by all means, temper your expectations!



The world is spinning backward…TRL sounds happy with a Niner team.:sunglasses:


Omg, just watched at the hotel room in Huntington. Looks like I picked the wrong event to attend. Awesome victory!


before the biggest win of his career, wait a minute, before his first win!!!


Ron Sanchez can flat out coach. When we were down in the second half I kept telling my wife how much I liked him. We sit right behind the bench, so we hear alot. What a win!!!

Robb played his heart out. Totally different game. His D was superb, and was able to control the ball at the end to get Jon off the ball movement.

I still dont think we win alot this year, but if these guys will buy what Ron is selling, the future is bright.


I actually disagree about not winning a lot. We will take our lumps due to lack of depth in the post and inexperience, but today makes me feel wayyy better about this season. Even if OSU is a bottom half Big XII team, theyre better than most cusa teams.

A week ago, i thought we may win less than last year. Now i think 10 wins os thr absolute floor.



I sure hope you are right. I wouldn’t bet either way. Still cant believe we pulled it out. Haven’t been this excited in a long long time.


clt says just wait until the ncsu guy transfers here


I believe you are correct. It was just awesome to watch in person at Halton.