OOC Predictions!

Since tip off is now only a month away I thought it best to break down how I see the OOC games going down. May do IC later.

Charlotte vs. NCCU- Coming into the game most NCCU fans don’t even know they have a basket ball team, afterwards many are convinced they dont. Charlotte wins 75-63

Charlotte vs. Central Michigan - People from Michigan tend to think things from Michigan are better than anything else anywhere period…they will have a hard time explaining this game to their freinds. Charlotte wins 61-57

Charlotte vs. Lamar - Who? Charlotte wins 77-58

Charlotte vs. East Tennesse State - The Niners aren’t scared of Pirates. Period. Charlotte wins 67-59

Charlotte vs. Wright State - Wright State holds painful memories of losing to an underperforming Niners team last year and come out swinging. This one goes down to the wire but Charlotte finds a way. Charlotte wins 81-78 OT

Charlotte vs. ECU - ECU players come out looking sloppy due to the fact they were drowning their sorrows from being rejected by the BE…or at least that is what their student paper will say. Charlotte wins 75-54

Charlotte vs. Radford - Thankfully nobody at Radford cares about athletics…including the athletes. Charlotte wins 75-62

Charlotte vs. Davidson - Davidson comes in expecting to find the same Charlotte team they beat last year. Their heads are still spinning as they stumble out of the gym after this one. Charlotte wins 77-62

Charlotte vs. Coppin State - Prez. Obama catches wind that there is a state he has not heard of and demands to hit the campaign trail! After being told its not really he state he is deeply confused about its exisitence, so am I.
Charlotte wins 69-54

Charlotte vs. Miami - Miami comes into this game expecting the crowd to love their ACC status vs such a lowly opponent as Charlotte. The home crowd dissapoints. Charlotte wins a close one 83-79

Charlotte vs. Arkansas - Even though Arkansas is coached by a Niner his team sure does not play like Niners.
Charlotte wins 74-68

Charlotte vs. Memphis - Charlotte comes in jazzed having beaten every one put before them, unforunatley basket ball is a man’s game and Memphis as more men than Charlotte right now. Memphis wins 75-66

Hope you all enjoy my prediction! ;D (sorry about the sad ending but I couldn’t do it)

Love it! I can’t argue with any of it. I know we are accustomed to early head scratching losses, but one loss going into A10 play is entirely possible! Let’s get this season started!!


We are going to be so damn good the OOC record will be 24-0

10-3 with one win over Miami or Memphis and a stupid loss to stDavidson or EZU.

I hope I’m wrong, but it’s just the Niner way.

this schedule is loaded with trap games. central michigan returns a mcdonalds and lamar and east tennesse state are picked to finish near the top of their conference. i think it is more likely we beat miami, who has some injury problems, than both lamar and east tennesse state on the road. arkansas has a really good class coming in and a quality coach.



9-4, with one unexpected win (by most people) and one unexpected loss (Lamar or Central Michigan I’d guess).

Edit: Forgot about the Kennesaw St. game later in the year.


13-0 during regular season OOC. 6-0 against non-conference competition in NCAA Tourney.

W @Central Michigan
W @Lamar
W ETSU - Postgame: We’re feeling really confident about our team
L @Wright State - Because thats what happens when our fans get confident
W @ECU - smh
W @Radford
W Davidson - Because its at home and 104 is relentless
W Coppin State - who?
W Miami - Because we owe ourselves
L @Arkansas - Christmas/New Years break will hit us
L @Memphis - Memphis is going to be STRONG
W Kennesaw State

10-3 overall. The Lamar/Central Michigan away games scare me so early on.

GTG: Part 1 of the schedule breakdown

If we go 8 and 5 with this OOC sked, I will be very depressed.

OK, 9-4.

9-4… We will drop a game to a shit team in the standard knee to the groin way. Other than that we are mixing in a bunch of new guys to a team that doens’t know how to win. This will take time.

couldn’t have said it better myself.

I usually take a crack at this, but I have no idea. The schedule isn’t difficult, but we have 7 players that haven’t played a game for us yet and only 3 starters returning from a 10-20 team. We should be much improved with the young talent and depth we’ve added, but as young and new as our guys will be they will likely have some growing pains. It’s hard to make predictions with this many newbies because you don’t know what their weaknesses are.

I was really hoping that the tradition of losing games to teams we have absolutely no business losing to would end once the new regime got its own players in.

I’m still hanging on to that hope.

Seriously, if someone offered me a 9-4 start this year after 10 wins all of last year (yes, i know there were some weird circumstances with that team, but still), I’d take it and run with a grin on my face!