Opener @ JMU 11/6

We’re just a week away from the opener, so I figured we should get a thread fired up.
I think this will be another good test for us. JMU is a solid team, picked to finish 4th in the CAA. They have a guard who was picked 1st team presason all CAA and another who was picked 2nd team, so they have some talent. Having said that, i think overall we have superior talent, by a significant margin. The unknown is how all of our brand new pieces will work together. I am optimistic after we hung tight with a very talented UGA team.

We seem to always start seasons off sloppy and slow, and I think this will be a close one, but I think we come out on top.

My prediction is:

Niners 70
JMU 65

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Any viewing options?

The JMU schedule says it will be on FloSports.

If they’re picked to finish 4th in the CAA, then I doubt we’ll be favored. CAA is no joke the last couple years compared to CUSA. This would actually be a really good win and an unsurprising loss.

Looking like $12.50 per month for Flosports.

I can PayPal someone $6.25 if they wanna share their access. Just pm me.

Wonder if the u could partner with a local bar to buy all these stupid subscriptions when the niners are playing.

I’d come watch.

Bars have to pay a different rate. Belfast used to let me bring my Roku in and stream from my account. They got busted for doing that for someone else and can’t do that anymore. Your point still stands just pointing out it’s more expensive for the establishments than for individuals.

Looks like the game at UNCW is on Flo as well.

Speaking of TV, looks like a good chunk of our games are on ESPN+. I’m assuming if there is nothing listed, the remaining home games and conference road games will be on CUSA-TV?

How much longer until we completely kill off CUSA Tv? It’s the worst and should just all be on ESPN +


I am so stoked we finally have football…but there is nothing I want more than us to be relevant again in hoops. For the better part of a decade we were always projecting RPI and brackets and it was so much fun to see us receiving votes or climbing the polls and the environment in Halton when we played Louisville, Cincy, Marquette, Memphis, et al was literally college basketball atmosphere at it’s best.

Damn…I miss it.

Nothing like the roar in Halton when we’re relevant and kicking ass.


Great post.

Didn’t realize JMU is building a new arena that will open in 2020:

Nice seating and amenities, but not a fan of the exterior. Very bland with no distinct features.

That Little John place down there in South Carolina might be the most boring looking white box from the outside ever.

ESPN has us as a 2:1 underdog. Not surprising to me, but other comments on here suggest our most avid supporters expect a win here. If we win, it’ll be the start of exceeding expectations. It’s about damn time we start doing that with basketball, so here’s to hoping!

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I was at the UGA game and I would expect us to win with the depth and defense that we will have this year. I think we have enough scorers along with guys that will play defense. I know UGA will not win the SEC, but they have P5 talent on their team and we played with them all night.

I think we will be even better by January.

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Anyone know viewing options for this game? Maybe the CAA channel on Roku? That would be fantastic.

FloHoops. It’s like $12.95 a month. Cancel anytime.Too bad our 2 games on FloHoops are more than 30 days apart.