Opinion: Let's try to Avoid #FireBradLambert

So another football season in, and we’ve all started getting frustrated with the football program. If we lose to an abysmal ODU, that’s gonna pour gasoline on the fire. I think it would be best for us to put the pitchforks away this season for a few reasons.

  • Mike Hill absolutely knows how we feel.
  • We don’t want a reputation as a place nobody has won in 15 years, and the fans wave pitchforks constantly
  • This stuff absolutely affects recruiting in the future. Recruits absolutely asked about it last year

More than those three points, Brad Lambert is not Judy. I don’t believe any of his actions are out of spite. He has really tried to sell this program. I believe he has honestly given it every thing he has. I believe that he would have been largely successful for the job he was originally hired for (imagine Ogunjobi and co in the FCS playoffs), and I believe had this been a CUSA job at the time of hiring, Brad Lambert would have been in over his head as a candidate. I think we will really see that in this hiring cycle. The man fired literally two of his best friends last year, and while we do seem better this year, we are not gonna be good enough to retain his job. CUSA is probably the worst it has ever been this year, and Mike Hill knows that as well as anyone. Shirrefs could come back and be Tom Brady, and I’m still not sure we could bowl. If you really look at our schedule, as bad as CUSA is, I don’t think we have any shot against Umass, Marshall, Tennessee, or FAU. We’d need to be nearly perfect in the other games. What I’m saying is, let’s just let it happen this year. In Hill we trust.

Not trying to be the grand pooba of Niner Nation, just asking that we use some discretion before we type this season!

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Definitely agree that the constant negativity & calls for heads to roll is bad for the program & recruiting. I do enjoy discussing possible Lambert replacements for next year but to fire the guy after 2 games serves no purpose & would look bad to potential candidates for the job.

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He’s not going to be fired until after the final game. Asking us not to get out the pitchforks is fine. Asking us not to speculate on the future when we need something hopeful to look forward to on the other hand will be impossible.

I get it, but if paying customers want to voice their opinion on Lambert, that is their right.

Sure Mike Hill knows the situation, but how many ways can fans vent or exercise their voice?

I understand this too. I’m all about free speech, but at some point we are hurting the program in my opinion.

Edit: I don’t know what point that is, but I do feel like we are at an extreme crossroads as a University. If Mike Hill’s tenure doesn’t go well, I hate to think where we are in 10 more years.

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You’re asking for a coach to be fired that is currently 18-42 overall. I don’t that that screams crazy fanbase with unrealistic expectations. We’re 2-15 in last 17 games. We beat FCS Fordham and UAB on a trick play in OT.

I don’t see how a hashtag can be worse for the program than 18-42…

Recruits know the record, their coaches should know how close this staff is to termination. We have been bad at recruiting from day 1, the record is chasing kids away, not a hashtag.


I don’t see how anything said on this board or on social media could affect recruiting anymore than the piss poor teams we’ve put on the field.

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^^^This is the TRUTH^^^

We’ve been bad at recruiting since the day Ratliff died. I know his void was huge, but they’ve had 4 years to fill it and barely try anymore in Charlotte.

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It’s just not necessary.

Dude will get fired in December. Hill is aware of our feelings. The world is aware of our feelings.

This is not an “all is well” situation like Judy’s situation(meaning they thought we wouldn’t react the way we did when Lambert was retained).

We did what we did with Judy because it needed to happen. This will happen organically.

I’ve got no problem with expressing displeasure on the internet, just don’t make it look “organized” because it’s a bad look for recruits and potential coaches.


Oh, no one has said to organize a campaign. It’d be like #FireJudyRose, which was organic at the start and then became an organized movement.

The product on the field will speak louder than any organized movement.

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I want a new football staff this year but I don’t want to be toxic to Mike Hill’s efforts as he starts putting his mark on the program. I’m going to trust him to recognize what we all know needs to happen and just focus on other things for now.

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At this point I think Brad is a Dead man waking. Beating Or at least a close Loss was required to stay afloat. Chances of making bowl are low. I think the chances of firing are very high and Hill is well aware of fan base sentiments.

I think Hill is much better served with a show of support for him and where we are trying to go as a program.

I’m not going to take shots at Brad. He’s a wounded dog, no sense is kicking him while he’s down.

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Brad has made what 2MM plus from us? Program has become more irrelevant each FBS season. Calling for him to be fired doesn’t change anything and I don’t see any reason not to do it.

He won’t and shouldn’t be fired midseason however. There is no point and that is bad precedent to set going forward. Everyone knew this was a lame duck year. We get FCS recruits already…so firing him while not having a replacement isn’t going to change that.

11 weeks will be a long time to wait.

Firing him this early in the season is almost unprecedented. He is going to get mercy because he was the founding coach.

No reason to fire mid-year.

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