Who else thinks NE is a must win game for the Panthers?
Every other team in the South is a game ahead of us. It’s hard to chase 3 teams. We can’t get farther behind.

Pep & the gang need to step up, & lay Brady out.

No way is this a must win…It is never a must win game in week 2. Not unless its college football.

So many people freaking out after just one game!!!

[i]Originally posted by casstommy[/i]@Sep 16 2005, 02:51 PM [b] It is never a must win game in week 2. [/b]

More like a “could help out a lot” win but not a must win.

If they lose the next week and start 0-3, then I’ll start to worry.

0-3 wouldn’t be good…but you got to remember…we went 1-6 last year and still almost made the playoffs.

If anybody has heard wfnz this week, you would think that it was time to pack it up and start preparing for next years draft.

losing Jenkins was not good, they need to get morehead back asap. if we start 1-6 again we’ll need the nfc to be very average to almost make the playoffs again. 8-8 and still make playoffs is rare.

The Panthers better get their sh** together.

[i]Originally posted by casstommy[/i]@Sep 16 2005, 03:04 PM [b] If anybody has heard wfnz this week, you would think that it was time to pack it up and start preparing for next years draft. [/b]
Pretty typical for the wfnz audience. The team wins, everything is GREAT. The team loses everything (& everyone) associated with the team absolutely SUCKS.

Trgovac sucks… show him the door now.

Panthers looking BAD with 1:58 to go. Don’t know if 3 points is enough. Saw this coming from a long way off.

you are taking a look at the most overrated team in the nation.

Got lucky. Hoped my comment would stop the jinx…

If Favre huddles, different ending.

they won…get over it

I was forunate enough to get tickets to tonight’s game and went to it. I actually wouldn’t blame the defense a whole lot for this game. Some of the play calling on offense didn’t seem to make sense but I think overall it was trying to go for all these two point conversions and a critical missed extra point by Kasey. If things go alittle differently there then the last 5 minutes of the game aren’t that bad. I do think our defense and offense are going to have to step it up. They are certainly not the defense from two years ago.

I just got home from the game. It should have never been that close at the end. Why do we have to go run, run, pass on every series of downs?

TRGOVAC SUCKS! 4 man rush at the end… no pressure…

the panthers play calling is far too conservative when they get a lead, and what has happened to Peppers? we need more play calling like the Patriots game, they looked like a playoff team when they played like that.

whoever wins the NFC North will be a bad playoff team, the NFC South is clearly the strongest…I dont see how this current team can beat Atlanta. They have alot of work to do.

Yea…a win is a win but man…you would really like to see this team preform at a higher level. There is no way we are beating the Falcons with this quality of play.

A lot of people have been griping about Jake…but I don’t think he has been that bad. He is in the middle of the pack in most stats…(which is where I expect him to be, he’s not Peyton).

I AM sick of watching Steven Davis run up the backside of his tackles. I really think that Foster should be our #1, and Davis as a compliment.

IF you think we need a new Offensive Coordinator, clap your hands!
IF you think we need a new Defensive Coordinator, clap your hands!

The Falcons are 11-2 against the Panthers in the last 13 games. The way they run the ball, chalk up 2 more victories for them this year. Honestly, I hate them more than any team in the NFL mainly because of their fans, but they will continue to beat the Panthers.

How badly do we miss Jack Del Rio?

This D lacks that killer instinct and they just don’t finish much out. Very stressful to be a Panthers fan when you see that type of effort…