Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Here it is… the main event… pepsi vs coca cola.

Pepsi: Comming off as the young blood, sweet and smooth

Coca Cola: The aged veteren, full of coke flavor and crisp

Let’s keep it clean boys… FIGHT

Dunno how much mileage this is gonna get now that football has started up, but FWIW, I’ll try to get it going:

Regular Pepsi v. Regular Coke - tie. I used to drink one til I got tired of it then switched to ther other. I will tell you that real sugar Coke or Pepsi owns the corn syrup crap we drink in the states.

Diet Pepsi v Diet Coke? Diet Pepsi in a landslide. There’s something wrong with the DC formula, which is why they went to Coke Zero, which tastes marginally better. For that matter Caff Free DC tastes better than regular DC. I have no idea why.

Diet Dr Peppr (“DDP”) is the truth though. It and Diet Pepsi are the two best.

I’ll go with Coke over Pepsi. Pepsi seems too sweet to me.

Pepsi-Cola was first made in [URL=][U][COLOR=#0000ff]New Bern, North Carolina[/COLOR][/U][/URL] in the United States in the early 1890s by [URL=][U][COLOR=#0000ff]pharmacist[/COLOR][/U][/URL] [URL=][U][COLOR=#0000ff]Caleb Bradham[/COLOR][/U][/URL]. On [URL=][U][COLOR=#0000ff]August 28[/COLOR][/U][/URL], [URL=][U][COLOR=#0000ff]1898[/COLOR][/U][/URL] , “Brad’s drink” was changed to “Pepsi-Cola” and later trademarked on [URL=][U][COLOR=#0000ff]June 16[/COLOR][/U][/URL], [URL=][U][COLOR=#0000ff]1903[/COLOR][/U][/URL]. There are several theories on the origin of the word “pepsi”.

when I went to India the coke there was awesome… aside from the pesticide problem

eh, im just stirring it up

I love Pepsi! Of course it only helps that the Halton’s have a presence on campus…

Of course it only helps that the Halton's have a presence on campus...

I dont get it

[QUOTE=Gill2003;187209]I dont get it[/QUOTE]

Halton Arena was named for the former president and CEO of a Pepsi bottling company located in Charlotte. If you visit the lower level of the library on campus you will find a “shrine” to Pepsi…

i’m a huge fan of sprite and that is a coca cola product so i chose coke. i haven’t had an actual coke in about 5 years. It’s been about 6 years for pepsi.

i love the coke, but i have to go with pepsi. its the home team. and, diet pepsi kicks diet coke’s ass hands down.


LoL ... so random... so true


anybody still drink Cheerwine?

[QUOTE=VA49er;187248]anybody still drink Cheerwine?[/QUOTE]
I do - that and Sun Drop are both awesome.

As for the question at hand… they’re both pretty good but I’d have to go with Pepsi. It’s more carbonated or something, and I personally always found Coke to be a little sweet for my taste.

I’m a Dr. Pepper junkie but I do like Coke a good bit as well. Coke v. Pepsi doesnt even seem like a contest to me. Pepsi is like gross Coke. As far as diet drinks go, Diet DP is the bomb. The comercials don’t lie, Diet DP tastes a lot like regular DP and sometimes is even better.


I was in Philadelphia this weekend and was amazed that at almost all the bars you order a Yuengling by asking for a Lager, not a Yuengling Lager, just a plain old lager. And they bring it, and I drink it, ask for another lager, and they bring another! I was so amazed that I kept asking for them just to see how many times it would work. To my surprise, it worked every time! And at the end of my little experiment…well, I don’t really remember the end of my experiment very well.

[QUOTE=VA49er;187248]anybody still drink Cheerwine?[/QUOTE]

Best out of a glass bottle. Harris Teeter has 'em.

Had a friend ask for Cheerwine up north and they told him it was a family restaraunt and they didn’t serve alcohol…

Jim Beam and Pepsi just doesn’t work. Neither does Jack, or any other alcahol for that matter.