yes, you do

ok, i’m sure i do, but i can’t figure it out, i’m too busy being depressed cause the koosh is locked up with mack attack

Is mack actually awake, I figured he went back into sleep mode after the game.

oh, it’s kris

ding ding ding

yeah, mack attack is out, but he took the koosh with him

[i]Originally posted by The Ambassador of Qwan[/i]@Jan 13 2005, 12:17 AM [b] i used to sleep with you [/b]
You say that like everyone hasn't.

well, yeah, he slept with most, but for a year at least, he came home to me, well, and the weird girl who moved in for 10 days, whatever that was about…

there was some fine “koosh” at Picasso’s tonight