Poll: Do you have faith in Coach Sanchez?

Still Have Faith In Coach Sanchez?
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I look at what Sanchez is putting on that floor and just don’t see it taking us to the next step. We need to be knocking on top 100 team range this year or next if Sanchez is going to do it at all. We made YoY progress last year but this year looks worse than last.

I am not happy, but not ready to throw in the towel either. I think this team will get better. I am not sure Sanchez is going to be what I hoped, but I can’t start the season ready to get rid of him. I am going to stick in there unless it looks like he has lost the team, and that has not happened.

Does anyone see any enthusiasm from this team on the floor? I do not. They don’t seem to play with any excitement or energy. Its hard for me not to think that is an extension of the coach’s personality. They just look like they are going through the motions.

Year 1 went from 6-23 (2-16) to 8-21 (5-13). Year 2 improved to 16-13 (10-8). Also, went from no conference tournament for 2 years to 1st round bye. Year 3, dropped the first 2 games with partial roster and staff, and there is a poll about losing faith in the coach. Who needs rivalries when we have fans like some of you.


We have had all of our players that were expected to be contributors for both games, with the exception of freshman Garcia against ECU.

Fire Sanchez. Simple.

I’m as much of an apologist as anybody but do you see a team that looks excited to play? GA state also had 3 guys out so it’s not like they were at full strength

Cannon and Byrd. Just saying.

Please elaborate

Neither have played a second for us and neither were expected to be big contributors this season.

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It would be nice if this was fun again. It’s been 15 years.


There have been a few “fun” moments in the last 15, but not nearly enough.

I’m struggling to find anything positive to say.

Perhaps I’m guilty of over valuation of recruits, or having too high expectations ox Sanchez and staff… But I’m once again watching Niner basketball asking myself “what the fuck happened?”

2 games does not make a season, but we are uninspired, unprepared, and just plain unenjoyable to watch. This sucks, and I’m tired of the same garbage. Coaches, players, leadership… you all need to be better.


This. This. THIS.

Team doesnt look like they care.

Execution issues I can understand with new season and covid - of course same issues that other teams are dealing with. Effort and caring though should not matter what game or what players or who the other team is. Team doesnt have any sense of urgency. I have seen this play before.

15 years - 15. That is how long we have been waiting. I know it’s only the beginning of year 3 of Sanchez, but it also year 15 of use being something between mediocre and terrible at basketball.


Garcia plays and only sees 3 min? Isn’t he one of the freshman that’s suppose to make instant impact inside?

There’s no way we lose to SC State though. That’s where the line is drawn. Sanchez better rally the troops and rattle off some wins and not get stomped by Davidson.

Threadgill played 18 mins and was non existent. CSC played well and only got 9 mins.

I disagree here. Cannon likely would be a starter. Not sure about eligibility and all that

I’ve questioned the Pack Line system as soon as the Sanchez hire was announced. It is a boring style of play and a difficult to learn system. How many players are excited to come to Charlotte and play this system? Sanchez is not a charismatic person which is okay but he needs to bring something else to the table. This Pack Line system isn’t a great equalizer. Only the Bennett family seems to have effectively implemented this system. Now we are trying run the generic store brand version of the Bennett system.

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