Poll: How psyched up are you for upcoming hoops season?

So? Basketball Madness is fast approaching, and we’re about a month out from our first (exhibition) game…

How are you feeling about the upcoming season?

I’m really excited for this upcoming season. Not because I think we’ll be a really good team (which we definitely could be), but because we’re about to begin a new era with a coach that so far has stressed the type of basketball fundamentals we’ve been wanting to see for a long time now.

I’m still cautious though, because being a Niner fan means eventual disappointment.

I’m excited, can’t wait to see how Major brings the team together. From following on Twitter, it seems like we have a pretty close group of guys. If they buy in to Major’s teachings, I think we could be very good, as long as the injury bug doesn’t get our backcourt.

Major is going to be the best coach to ever stand on the sidelines of Halton.

I voted meh, but it’s because I live so far away now. If I were still in the QC I’d be counting down the days.

I’d love to see the Sweet 16.

I’d love to see the Sweet 16.[/quote]

I’d give my left nut for a Sweet 16

I’d love to see the Sweet 16.[/quote]

I’d give my left nut for a Sweet 16[/quote]

For something that we haven’t seen since 1977, which is moving past the first weekend of the tourny - I am pretty sure the majority of the fan base would do anything to have that experience.

I’d love to see the Sweet 16.[/quote]

I’d give my left nut for a Sweet 16[/quote]

I’d give my right one :))

I’d give all of your nuts.

Cautiously optimistic is how I would describe my feelings. We have a core group of players returning but there are still alot of uncertainities.

I’m excited. I can’t wait for the season to start. Not because I’m expecting a deep March tourny run, but like someone else said, it’s a new era for Niner basketball.

I’m going to do my best to be patient and judge Major over the next three seasons based on wins, recruiting, fundamentals/player development and sideline atmosphere. I’m excited to see him coach and see how he handles this team. But as I’ve said before, the key is going to be next year and the year after. What sort of talent does he get and how does he use them on the court.

Cautiously optimistic. We know Spears, Braswell, and Green are good players, but I am really stoked about seeing Deuce don the green and white. As far as coach goes, I think he will find his footing fairly quickly… so far he seems to have done everything the right way, and that should all carry over onto the court. An NCAA run is unlikely, but not impossible. I also am looking forward to seeing how Major and his staff have had an impact on our big men.

Pretty excited because I want to see what Major can do. It would be nice to see some improvement from Jones and Braswell. But with potentially just 2 scholarship guards, or maybe 3, I’m not overly optimistic yet.

I’m super stoked. I think we’re a borderline NCAA team this year. But I also know that things might be rough changing from one scheme to another, so I temper my expectations. We’re really going to be in the Final Four this year.

I’m so stoked I shit myself at the mere sight of this poll.

I’m excited to see the team play. But I’m cautious knowing that new coaches, especially ones totally new to the program and teaching a different style, usually take some time to settle in and get the players to buy in. I think the players on the team are good enough to have a good season, though the depth at the guard positions is concerning. Even if Voncina is eligible, I’d like to have a pg with more experience in the system before saying the team will be really good. I guess Green can slide over if something happens to Briscoe, but Green’s much more comfortable in the sg position it seems.

Major definitely needs more than this year, I’d say more than 3 years, before you really know what he’s going to do here. Recruiting will probably give some forward view, but until he’s brought some guys in and helped them develop into upperclassmen, we won’t really know what he’s capable of. Barring complete collapse and/or violations, I hope the administration will give him time to succeed. The recruiting so far is at least encouraging, but even that could be misleading as he and his assistants need to be able to get to know young players while established at Charlotte, as early connections are probably our best chance of getting the better prospects here.

I think this exact conversation last year lead to my signature quote.

This has nothing to do with my excitement(counting down the days), but I don’t think any of us are prepared for how weird and surreal it will be when we see Major at the end of the bench the first time instead of Bobby.

It will be odd for sure - how weird and surreal it will be will be tied to how long you have been around. Major is coach #4 for me so not too weird.