Poll: Was extending Fearne as HC the right move?

The end of season hindsight is 20/20 poll…

If Hill had waited until the end of the season to decide whether or not to extend Fearne as HC, I would say…
  • Hire Fearne, we over achieved even though another disappointing conference tourney appearance
  • Don’t hire Fearne, another disappointing conference tourney appearance and I believe we can get some one better in here
  • I’m on the fence on whether hiring Fearne mid-season was the right call
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With how we finished and with how we looked on the court the past month, I think I may be looking elsewhere than Fearne. It was all roses and sunshine until it wasn’t. If we looked better in our losses it may have changed my opinion but some of these games are ugly basketball… again.

All that said, I like Fearne and hope he does well next year. I’m interested to see what players he can get to come here through the portal.

I think fearne still would have been the pick even with how we fizzled out towards the end of the season.

Can’t be undone now, so hopefully he can keep the core four and add some shooters and athleticism.

The lack of a shooter on this team really killed us. Allowed teams to start doubling Jackson and when he was neutralized it made us a considerably worse team.


Fearne is by far the best coach we could hope for. I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished this year. If you had been told at the beginning of the season, we would finish winning 19 games and a double bye in the AAC tournament you would’ve been ecstatic. You can’t blame him for our shooting woes at the end of the season.


The alternative would have been for Mike Hill to pick another coach. No thank you.


That is such nonsense. Thats nothing against fearnw but this idea he was by far the best we could get. That is crazy. We are an AAC job with history, solid nil, in a major city. We would be able to land a good low/mid major hc.


Can we blame him for the lack of energy against a bad team playing its third game in 3 days, or tge end of shot clock bad shots?

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We will see how solid this so called NIL is that you speak of. Hiring Fearne or anyone else can only be determined by how well the roster is managed going forward. We won’t know that for a while. Bring in more than you lose is the strategy going forward.

“So called”?

It exists and it has Gene Johnson voiced his support for it on Twitter. Has raised six figures in just 2-3 weeks. I think we will be alright there.

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I mean if it is on Twitter then it has to be solid.

It exists and is raising a lot. Gene Johnson is not in the habit of bs’ing

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Who on Earth orher than a top 5 coach could have done what he did with rhis roster ???
Next year wirh HIS players
you can judge him.


Yeah Gene, probably our largest benefactor is just lying about supporting NIL because “like it or hate it it’s how things work now”.

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In all fairness, he helped recruit a lot of these guys. Hopefully he shakes up the staff a bit, maybe get rid of sfera and bring in a recruiter, plus nil should help a lot.

I think we are more mad that we lost to a bad temple team playing their third game in 3 days, and we looked lethargic

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That’s what I am feeling today ninerfan55. We looked like everyone had a hangover in the first half and I just can’t understand it.


Fearne earned the job. He has great experience and I think the players like playing for him and he will do fine! Bring in some new zeland/aussies! A shooter…a tough 2nd big and move Reiber to third big and some better guard depth.

I am curious if Milicic or anyone while watching Bryce Williams today or ByU in the tourney will get jealous and want to do the same next year! Will see!

I do not think Smith nor Sfera fits what Fearne wants to do. On Offense, he wants a faster pace. On Defense, he wants to run man and zone.

We could have gotten Griff Aldridge. He may even end up at another AAC school. Proven winner. Worked a damn miracle at Longwood.

Hope Fearne can recruit and get us where we need to be. I’ve said all season he is a good in game coach but last night we looked totally lost on offense. We played the whole game with bad motion, almost no screens (and the ones we had were very poor), limited feed passes, it was just really terrible to watch. A great in game coach would have been able to adjust better, especially when it matters most.

Hope we recruit and fix our offensive issues. We have a lot of work to do in that end of the floor.

I’m still very supportive of Fearne and we definitely overacheived, but we have to get back to the NCAA tournament. The goal can’t be a top 4 finish and flaming out in our first conference tournament game.

I suspect we will see changes there.

I thought the new assistsnt he brought in this year would just be a position filled, but he seemed to be very active in timeouts and on the sideline.