Portland Game

Our team has some serious issues making shots. Is it a lack of confidence or what?

Is it 22-22 at halftime?

Is it 22-22 at halftime?

That was the score at the bottom of the screen on ESPN.

We are now up 34-28. It sounds like our defense has picked up but we are still cold.

I am listening to the Portland announcer since I can’t pick up our feed. He is less of a homer than what I expected but he is critical of the refs.

I’m writing this on my Palm Pilot at the game, so I hope this takes. The game is about to end and I’ve never seen a 49er team this bad since the Sun Belt conference days. We look incredibly awful. All my hopes for this season just went out the window. Mitch looks like he’s on drugs or something…not the same player from last year. Leemire looks like a guy in severe need of a pair of glasses. I hate to say this, but we truly ARE a bad team…so, so very sad. It took 10 minutes for the multiple shots I had before the game to wear off. By half time I was stone cold sober…This SUX!!!

I can’t believe that a 49er team shoots this poorly. Bobby doesn’t know what to do without Jobey or Plavich.

As of now this is the worst team I have seen at UNCC in a decade.

We will get it together.

Some nice things about the Game. DA has 16, 13 and 4, including 8 offensive rebounds. Bennet finshed with 13 points, he needs to start.

Some bad things. Leemire was 0-7 from the floor, man he is cold. Mitch needs to go to the bench, he sucks. Drayton is still struggiling aswell.

The good news is we didn’t suffer another embarrassing loss.

The bad news is we are still a bad basketball team. Portland would struggle with Pfeiffer.

Leemire can’t hit the broad side of a barn and I cannot figure out why he is allowed to shoot. DA is no outside shooter either. He has a little bit of the Matas disease where he falls away and sideways from open looks. Not sure why but he does. Someone should get him squared up. It looks ridiculous.

Bennett showed a little bit of hope tonight. He has a nice release and squares himself up nicely. He also seems to know when a shot is in the flow of the offense and when to pull it down and move the ball. That is a breath of fresh air on a Lutz team. He is also clearly the best FT shooter on the team. Good mechanics and a great release. He should give clinics to the rest of the team because they all suck at the line.

we aren’t bad because of lack of hustle just no proven shooters

More 3-pt attempts (23) than FT (22) with Withers under the hoop…:wow:

has anyone else noticed that we SCORE when we attempt less than 20 3 pointers a game?

P.S. Leemire needs to ride the pine. and why the hell did Jerrell not get more minutes he was 1-1 from the floor and 1-1 from the line in 2 minutes he played, he should def. get more PT.

If we choose to only show up for the 2nd half again on Wednesday, we’ll be down 20+ at the break. This team showed some signs of life late in the game but we’re still not very goodl. We were tied with PORTLAND at the half. The same team that Winthrop blew off the court. And yes, I know Winthrop is decent but if we let’s face it: we lost to NW, lost to Wyoming, lost to Miss. St., barely beat Ga. State and look pathetic for 30 of the 40 minutes against Portland.

I wanted this team to have it together before we ran into this stretch coming up. Just not sure we’re where we need to be in order to deal with teams like Davidson and Indiana. Hopefully we can put it all together on Wednesday.

With that said, I’m VERY impressed with our team on defense. Probably one of the better defensive units, as a whole, I’ve seen in a long time. If we could just find our offense, we could be a really good team. But most of our guys cannot make a shot to save their lives. We desperately need Lee and EJ to find their games sooner than later.

Hey guys, I am a UNCC graduate living in Indonesia…I graduated in 2001.

Ok. I hate to write this…when i was in school at UNCC i NEVER missed a game. Since I graduated I have had season tickets (until this year b/c I am in Indonesia).

I am so sad to see us struggle like this. I read your posts all the time and share in the concern for the team.

Oh and a prediction for the Davidson game…Davidson 78 Charlotte 60

(the way we are shooting, we’ll be LUCKY to get to 60…at home of course…what happened to the Halton advantage? It is supposed to be a home court ADVANTAGE, right?)

BTW, still embarrassed about 9 points at halftime vs. Miss. State.


We are the worst shooting team in bball history.

Yes, the defense looks better than in most of Lutz’ tenure, and the rebounding is outstanding (of course with the amt of shots we miss, it better)…But, I just can’t see why this team who has largely the same personnel as last year…is so terrible. EJ just doesn’t even look like a scholarship player anymore. He simply can’t do anything right. Mitch either. He hasn’t driven to the hoop one time in two home games. When the other point punked him and stripped him of the ball while Mitch fell to the floor (then missed a wide open layup) it was brutal. They have absolutely zero confidence.

Leemire has got to be setting a record for 0-18 to start off on home games. Its just hard to miss that many shots. He’s always been a streak shooter, but heezus. DeAngelo…simply not a shooter. Good rebounder, good defender, decentplayer…but don’t buy the shooting hype.

The good news is, is that our best guard was the one that was missing and is still kinda hurt. Bennett has fundamentals, a decent stroke, and he knows how to play the game. We don’t usually have guys like this.

Curt was Curt, beastly on the boards, but can someone tell him to stop dribbling the ball? He really has terrible hands for such a good scorer. People strip him so easily.

Nance played well. But, its sad when he is your second best jump shooter, a guy who never hit anything outside of a layup a year ago.

Wowza. I had no idea it would be quite like this. Hopefully, the guys come out hungry, b/c Davidson could blow us out like they did a few years ago. That would be damn embarrasing at Halton. It already looks like we are shedding butts in the seats like a snake sheds skin.

By the way, COURTNEY WILLIAMS??? Is this guy still on our ROSTER? He was supposed to be the best of the juco newcomers.

I will say we were improved over Wed. But, thats not really much of a positive. Wed. will be a CHALLENGE.

May God have mercy on this group of Niners. I fear they are going to have a rough season.

i find it very funny even when we do win you guys find something to complain about. A WIN IS A WIN!!!. I’ll take whatever we can get so stop complaining about a team that is young mentally and start supporting them like they have never heard. You guys are the most pathetic fans i have ever scene and I say that lightly. It is like trying to please an adhd 3 year old.

We are definitely the worst jump shooting team I have ever witnessed. I have never seen so much lack of confidence in a team ever before. They mope onto and off of the court…they mope on the sidelines. Nobody smiles or even pretends to have fun.

They try so hard to move the ball “by the book” that they don’t even LOOK for entry passes. We rotated the ball across the zone at least 4 times on one possession and Curt was open EVERY time it came to his side!!!

And why do we not even try to throw it in to any other post player other than Curt. Twan, DA and EJ had GREAT post position several times…and we don’t even try!!

They will never gel or shoot well until they loosen up, relax and have some fun. You can play hard and still have fun…try it.

I’m telling you…Butter WAS the biggest headcase I had ever seen (so much talent that went out the window as soon as the lights come on in the gym…stagefright maybe?) but we have at least 4-5 Butter-ish headcases on the same team this year.

P.S. And really…What is wrong with Courtney? I was extremely excited about having another post presence. He’s supposed to be a rebounding machine and a shot blocker…and I’ve seen him display some offensive game as well. Why can’t he crack some minutes?

[QUOTE=the daxified one;141654]i find it very funny even when we do win you guys find something to complain about. A WIN IS A WIN!!!. I’ll take whatever we can get so stop complaining about a team that is young mentally and start supporting them like they have never heard. You guys are the most pathetic fans i have ever scene and I say that lightly. It is like trying to please an adhd 3 year old.[/QUOTE]

Dude, did you seriously expect NOT to win this game? Winthrop beat this team by 32.

You are right, we are ‘young’ mentally. The problem is that we have FIVE seniors. FIVE. And no freshman. We are NOT a young team.

If a pathetic fan is one who comes out to witness this kind of play over and over again, then label me that. I’m commenting on the game…If we played awesome, thats what I’d comment on. Sorry if being truthful offends you.

Theyre not that great of a defensive team. Theyve just played some really bad offensive teams. Only 3 steals tonight! Eddie would have had that by himself last year!

I’m afraid this is true. We are once again no good defensively but it will take another game to prove it. Davidson will expose us those in denial.

We have played 6 very poor teams and are 3-3. A good defensive team would have carried even this pathetic offense to 6 wins.