Predict the score

Card fans, feel free to join in

CLT 92
UL 86

We’ll get it done.


83-82 Charlotte.

74-67 Charlotte

77-74 in a tight game where UL has the chance to tie but misses a 3 as the buzzer sounds. It’s been our trademark the last 3 big games.

I’ll go with:
79-75 Charlotte WINS!!!
With this win over #9 & a victory over USF on Sat. The 49’ers will be 23-4 & finish the regular season ranked #14

Niners 80
Cards 77

Lot of lead changes in this one but we hang on down the stretch.

Niners 83 - Louisville 78. Up 3 in the closing seconds, 'Ville misses 3 to win and we clinch it at the line.

Niners 81
’Ville 76

Or, depending on how we play:

Niners 72
’Ville 81

I don’t think it’s gonna be very close. Ebad will shut Garcia down. No one will have an answer for Withers inside. It’ll be like we’re playing against Denny Crum in Freedom Hall again.

Niners 101
Birdies 82

Niners 78
Cards 74

Basden with six steals
Iti with six blocks

69-68 in a closer game than some may think…a road game this time of year is always tough especially with the league title on the line…Iti will have his breakout game of year with 5 points… :stuck_out_tongue:

again, 1 point W should do it.

As long as the Niners have +1 points more than the Cards… I could care less how we get there or what the exact final is.

Win or lose… it should be a GREAT game. The Deuce couldn’t have asked for a better matchup.

Charlotte 81
Lou-uh-vull 73

CLT 82
UofL 66

Louisville only gets to 66 after we put in Travis Gordon around the 3 minutes mark because we have a 25 point lead.

We dominate and look like the awesomest team in NCAA.

Niners 75
Cards 73

Rolen K’s with the bases loaded in the 9th.

49ers score 1.5 million points.
UL scores negative 50 points.
LOL. :rolleyes:

Niners- 88
Cardinals- 72