Report bugs/issues here for new site

Can’t attach img in chat from iPhone

Chat randomly showing time invalid for shout

Feature request: ability to use gif keyboard in chat

Emoticon button now working in chat on my iPhone.

I’m using Chrome for my browser

With the chat open, the all categories column is almost covered completely by the chat box when the browser is maximized. It happens in IE, Firefox and Chrome. If you resize the window the full column is viewable.

The chat is probably the only feature causing me any issues.

Like the above, the chat covers the entire screen for me, and sometimes I cannot find the resize or close button. Probably something I am doing wrong, but it seems hit and miss.

One feature I do miss from the old chat is the listing of who is currently in chat. I’m not sure that’s even a feature of this one, but if it is, how much more demanding would it be to enable it?

Chat needs a kick feature for Mods.


Oh, and it states your posts must be 20 characters long. Not sure How I feel about that.

When clicking on the nnn top write of page on main screen it takes you back to not

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in the green banner. not the black

also in green banner, the NEWs tab points to will still be a part of the site, Mac just hasn’t flipped it over to the new build yet. It won’t show the old site for long.

Getting a lot lag in the SB. Typing a letter and very noticeable delay. Exists on Firefox, IE and my mobile device.

Issue exists with different Wifi/networks so don’t think its related to that.

Please let us know what browsers on mobile and your OS.

anyway to enable some kind of text wrapping in chat? Longer shouts are hard to read without it

On OS, Firefox and IE, on IOS, Safari.

Can’t post url’s In chat on mobile (iOS)

I’m on Chrome using macOS 10.13.3, definitely getting the chat lag.

Separate issue: is it possible to work the interface around so that the chat column doesn’t cover up the text box for new posts?

@ninermac I’m having an issue with opening to see latest post and it takes me to end of page. The most recent/last post is not visible. It shows the the 3 promo boxes at the bottom.

Anyone else experiencing that?

I am experiencing that on mobile when I click the minute of when post was created

I think I’ve learned that goin to “latest”, then just clicking the thread title takes me to where I last stopped reading the thread.

The UNC Charlotte link in the green header should point to to save the redirect.

A little background…

This site is very different than what we’ve used in the past. I will have less control over a lot of the bugs. I’ll bring them to the attention of the development group, but won’t be able to do much about some types of bugs except wait from them to get taken care of.

To keep things moving forward, I need to keep things stock. In other words all alterations I’m doing (with a couple exceptions) are done outside the code base. So, as updates happen (and they are often… 60+ commits since we cut over last weekend) I can upgrade without hesitation. This is a 180 from the old software base we used.

What I can take care of I will though.

That being said, I need screen shots and lots of detail for any bug report… what you were doing, in what operating system, what version, what browser and what version, etc. You can’t give too much info here. And, it needs to be repeatable.

I hope everyone is liking the switch. We’re now on a platform which is positioned well to grow and get better as it does. As forum platforms go, it’s arguably top 2. I selected this one because of it’s more robust chat and messaging features. It’s developer community also is a little more active and welcoming.