Report bugs/issues here for new site


screenshots would be helpful


Screenshots for chat ui issues needed. Won’t be getting a list of who’s chatting in the channel unless they add it as a feature to Discourse.


I’ve noticed a little delay some in iOS myself when typing, but nothing that degraded my experience really. This wouldn’t be something I’d tackle except with potentially more hardware or optimizations by the Discourse dev team.

This may actually be related to having the chat open without refresh for a while. KEep in mind it’s real time and also updating all the posts as it flows with “time since” messaging. I’d suggest trying a refresh when the lag happens to slim the number of chats in the window to see if it mitigates it.


I need a screenshot here. There is wrapping as far as what I’ve seen.


Nope. You can close it. Keep in mind that unlike our last chat, this one keeps history. Even if it only loads the last 100 on start, it has a load more. So, by closing it you don’t miss anything.


If you want to go to the last rwply on mobile click on the thread count in the categories list. You can choose the first or last reply.


I thought I was starting to figure it out, but it’s really hard to get anything to behave like the former “unread“ functionality from the old site. Going to the last reply of a thread does me no good if I have to scroll up through several posts to catch what I’ve missed.

If anyone has anything else figured out, please share.


Happens in Chrome, IE and FireFox

Full Screen

Non-Full Screeen


There is a problem in the post scroll and the page being out of sync currently. This is one of those that I would wait for Discourse to fix. You can see this by scrolling till the last post shows at the top of your window. That’s the position where the numbers should match 12/12 or whatever. What you’ll find is it’s a couple off. So, when it tries to send you to the last post, it’s sending you further down the page than it should.


Chat Channel is quite slow tonight. In fact, inputing this message is rather slow as well.


I’m betting this was horse power in this case:

These times are GMT. The spike occurs around the same time you posted this I believe.


I did some updates and this appears to be fixed.


Attachments are working from :iphone: and :computer: now


Interesting system error message in chat.


Yeah not sure chat is working for non mods.


Agree…I don’t think it is.


Agree. @ninermac chat is broken!




Chat died.


clt is upgrading to windows 7. Hope that helps!