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@ninermac is it possible to have the youtube player muted on page load? I don’t think the YouTube player has a function for play when in-view?

For Mac/Safari users even Chrome users on win/mac, this shouldn’t be a problem as they mute auto-play players by default now.


Yeah, it wasn’t originally doing that. It’s a recent event when I did some upgrades. For now I’m going to remove it and will replace it shortly with no auto play.


can’t get to the chat hamburger menu to switch chats on chrome/android phone


When I click on “recent posted thread” it’s not taking me to the recent post since I last viewed. It’s taken me to post 1 of like 50 of 100 and then I have to scroll down.


Is it possible for me to “mark as read” the 2102 unread posts that show up on my account? This feature is of no value to me with this unmanageable number of posts. If I could reset it then I would know where to go if I had missed something.


Chat is defaulting to archive 1. Is it doing that for everyone?


To “mark as read” go to the Menu next to your icon in the upper right corner. Choose “Unread” and you’ll go to a list of threads that have unread posts.

On the lower right side you’ll find a “dismiss” button. Push it.


It does for me. Mac is aware of this.


Yep chat is on the top of the list. There are a couple things that need to be done there. Just a little difficult as I want to make sure the solution doesn’t splinter us and thus keep us from getting future updates.


FYI, @ninermac has been notified the Chat is not working at the moment. So if you are experiencing issues with Chat, you are not alone.


Note: I took a shot at resolving the chat issue. Please refresh your browser. New chat should be called “NNN Shoutbox” - you may have to toggle from an old chat that is titled Archive 1 or Archive 2.


You are my hero! :heart_eyes:


Any way to fix articles appearing multiple times on the NN.N main page?


I may be dumb, but dow does one start a thread on here. I cannot find a button that says “New Thread”


Top right on home page says new topic.


Not on mine


Should have a + button in a green circle on the lower right of your screen. If you mouse over it says new topic. Click on it.


Just saw it, thanks!


@ninermac Newest update pushed the location of Shoutbox sign-in to the upper left and required (at least for me), selecting Shoutbox to enter the channel. Might be difficult for people on mobile to do.


On mobile it stays up top, but it does require the second selection. Really no way to go back. Want to stay current as much as possible. If I hold back a feature and don’t promote, might get to a point where we are stuck.

I don’t want to get into oddball configs on the site and paint us into corners like on the last setup.

I’ve posted the bug of having to select the only chat instead of it auto selecting. Hopefully we will get a quick fix there.

This new update did enable direct messaging in there chat, but it hasn’t been turned on yet. Thoughts on enabling it?