Report bugs/issues here for new site


clt says any appy fans should have the poop emoji as their pic


@NLP. That bug should be fixed now. So the net change is in larger screen modes there is a handle bottom left to pull out the chat.

The guy got to it quickly. I’ll donate to his development for sure.

To turn on direct messaging in chat would require a selection of the chat though. So leaving that off for now.


Any idea if they will fix the chat window? When browser is full screen the categories is cut off.

When not in full screen the categories shows fine.

Is doesn’t matter which browser I am in.


The shoutbox has been working fine for a while on my work computer, but on Monday it was going super slow, and when I refreshed the page, I no longer get the link, so I can’t even pull it up anymore. Still works on my phone.

Windows 10, running Edge (non IE browser is not an option). This computer is brand new and lightening fast.


NC, look top left for the icon, it has moved.


Its at the bottom left of the screen now.


clt says you were looking for “lightning”


Link to the Shoutbox is gone for me.


We just hit the 10k message mark, which ends that chat, right now the system is not allowing me to create a new chat. We’re working on it.


Hopefully working now. Can someone please check and reply to this thread?


All good on my end.


Shoutbox heard about the 3rd assistant and realized that we no longer needed the Shoutbox services!!!


Shoutbox pops up automatically when I log in. Very annoying. Fix?


The fix is to enjoy the shoutbox.


The shoutbox has the spiciest of memes.


Trying to post on a thread in Collegiate Sports and received following message:


Run… why you blitzing nnn?