Robert Woodard interview on WFNZ | 7.11.19

Great interview. Liked what I heard. I think he will do well here.
Now, as I listened to the interview, I kept thinking how many heads here at NN.N would have exploded and declared they would halt their financial support of our athletic programs if Judy had hired him.

The difference between Judy and Hill is Judy wouldn’t had been able to get him to come here.

There were quite a few folks not happy when he was announced.


But not to the extent of what I’ve seen on here in the past with her decisions.

Could be, but there is a clear vision of what we’re expecting now too, that helps. We expect to win and compete for conference championships.


A cool little call out was the radio guys talking about how much more energy was coming from the Charlotte 49er programs.

Good interview and worth a listen.


Trust is earned, as is suspicion. Judy had a catastrophically poor hiring track record so obviously most would have been skeptical of her hire. Hill does not and will be given the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise.

I do like what Ive heard so far from Woodard even though I’m not an uber analytics guy and lord knows I despise everything blue. He seems to fit the mold of Hill hires and so far so good. I look forward to enjoying some beers at The Hayes and seeing if he can get us back into the top four of CUSA.


Her onky meaningful decisions in the last 20 years were hiring Lutz, major, price, and Lambert. All seemed to be relatively well received with a more mixed reaction with the decision to let Lutz go. There was never mass outrage about any of her hires.

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If Judy was still here I still wouldn’t be donating. So I agree with your post.

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Finally listened, love hearing Kyle Bailey reference the new ethos around out athletic department.

I think this is an accurate post. People were only pissed off when the hires, for whatever reason, lost too many games. (well, except Lutz who I’m told was brought here by Mullins with the idea he would succeed Jeff) Most people now don’t give a crap about anything except winning and Judy never really accepted that times have changed.
She was an anachronism. I think her hiring and firing philosophy was best illustrated when the only winning volleyball coach we ever had “resigned” because he was caught doing some shady recruiting.
Meanwhile, a softball coach who seldom won stayed year after year with a team that consistently had most members with very high GPA.

Can’t really pull much from that interview, but I am really curious to see how he will implement his style that is based heavily on analytics into C-USA baseball. We have worked with the Sports Analytics Club on some things in the past, but no where near the scale that they did at Chapel Hill.

Excited about the staff he is putting together. Currently we have 3 guys who have been recruiting coordinators (Woodard at VT, Bo at Charlotte, Steedley at GW). Interested to see how/ if our recruiting strategy changes.

Another interview with Woodward from ESPN 730:

It is interesting to read the comments about Charlotte’s chances to move to the AAC on the C-USA board from the Marshall and USM posters. Apparently Charlotte is not at all attractive, and we are lucky to even be in C-USA. However, the top Associate AD at Florida thought this was a great opportunity, as did the top assistant for the National Champion Cavaliers, and one of the best Softball assistants in the nation, and now a key assistant at one of the top baseball programs in the NCAA. These people that do it for a living, have the kind of success that gives you options, and are familiar with our program, have all decided we are the right next step for them. I am glad to hear that Woodward is out selling that message.


It is really sad how the city of Huntington has gone with drugs and lost jobs.

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I’ve not been to Marshall, but I’ve been the Starkville.

Think Campbell’s campus in Whiteville.

clt is certain that the aac is aware of what we are building.

Huntington has been hit really hard by drugs and lost of jobs in the area. I think the population is about half of what it was 15-20 years ago. Area is really run down and not safe. A few friends went up to watch a game and drove a few hours to find a place to stay on way home.

Campbell is not in Whiteville.