Ron Sanchez - New Head Coach of the Charlotte 49ers

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clt says Odom helped us out!

Ugh. Disappointed but hope it works out.

And here he is…

I sent that suggestion to Mike Hill last week. I want a finders fee.

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I really, really wanted a head coach. That said, I will reserve judgment on this. I don’t know anything about the guy yet.

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Associate Head Coach Ron Sanchez of Virginia was in last week on 6’9 Jae’Lyn Withers


this is neither best case nor worst case scenario for me. this guy has a great pedigree and learned under maybe the best coach in the country. hopefully he can recruit. i did think people on the board would be happier with this hire but i agree about wanting a current head coach. that being said, i trust hill’s judgement with hires.

Looking forward to some defense in Halton for the first time in a while

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Here’s him speaking.

He may be next Dean Smith. I hope. But initial look bores me to death. Appears to be Typical Dubois hire.

I hope he has some dog in him. I really hoped for Grant at CofC. Maybe CHP wouldn’t grant Hill funds to go that level. Looks like a hire Judy Rose would endorse.

That all said. Hope for best, hope for relevance. Zero level of enthusiasm to reach in pocket…for tickets. Again

He’s probably UVa’s top recruiter. They are very selective though. Don’t necessarily look for the top guys from a talent standpoint. They looks for guys who fit their system and Program/University. I’ve been a UVa fan since I was a kid, my Niners come first but I like this hire. Obviously, you never know but if he follows a similar plan to Bennetts, you should see steady improvement with defense leading the way. I just hope he has learned some things from the failings of their offense. First though, he has to establish a new culture.

Another interesting vid

Next John Wooden. You heard it here first. Cutting down the nets next year.

Interesting to hear how you guys that really follow recruiting and basketball think of this guy. He is an unknown to me, but I hope he is good.

Speaking of recruiting, I’m very curious if someone like Sanchez has any clue where to start to recruit for someone willing to come to lowly Charlotte, all in the next 3-4 weeks before the next signing period. I can’t imagine he has any connections with anyone he wasn’t pursuing for UVA, specifically.

Also, when will we know if we have anyone transferring out? Is there a date they are allowed to announce that?

I love the hire. Said last week I hoped they would look at Sanchez. Winning basketball with tough defense and UVA’s top recruiter. That’s a formula I’m excited/optimistic about.

Can he coach offense?

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