Ron Sanchez - New Head Coach of the Charlotte 49ers

Virginia was better on offense than most people realize; the bad offense is a myth- there were just so many fewer possessions that they didn’t put up as many points. Offensive efficiency was still good (, especially combined with their defense. You don’t go 30-2 in the ACC without doing pretty much everything well.

I like it…may like it more when he puts his staff together, then even more when he inks Withers !

I wasn’t sure about the hire until reading some of the articles out there. He seems very capable and this could pay off big in the end. Like a lot have said already, we will know more once he hires his staff. From a recruiting standpoint, super solid hire.

We just landed the #2 guy from the #1 team in the country and people are not happy. He is not a current HC, but he should hit the road running on recruiting since UVA recruits lots of 3 star and 4 star {we will not get 4 stars} so he should get some to Charlotte. If he can coach defense at a rate that is in the ballpark of UVA than I will be thrilled. We have been the worse defensive team in the country the past 5 years or more. Our guys could not guy a shadow sometimes. If we only score 50 points and win than I will take the 50 points and the W instead of 80 and lose every game.

I will give Hill the benefit of picking since UF has done a pretty good job the past 25 years with coaches so he knows what to look for when going after someone.


Exactly rev…45ppg sounds miserable

Please no Wisconsin bs

I just want to win some fucking ball games. Don’t care who is coaching, how he talks, etc.

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I love the hire. No one knows what the future holds, but I get the sense we got someone itching to be a head coach and ready to show what he can do. More than anything though, is how he connects to the players and just watching some of the videos posted of him, I would love to play for this guy. Fingers crossed it works out, but I’m excited.

Hold up. UVA is not #1. They just lost, no got spanked, to a 16 seed. UVA will finish in the coaches poll probably 15 at best.

I think lukewarm is about as good as you can sell this.

For anyone looking for a “name” that was never going to happen. I want guys who can coach and make players better from one year to the next. I like the dynamic of our athletic department a lot more now, than say 2 years ago.

It might take a year or two, but we have a chance of having a good team defense–something this program hasn’t seen since Jeff Mullins.

Number 1 assistant from best regular season team past couple of years. Sad to hear that’s lukewarm.

As my grandmother says, some people wouldn’t be happy with a golden asshole. That’s the way it is.

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It seems not everyone is on board with this hire, but we went all in with Mark Price and that totally blew up. I never want to go down that road again.

I didn’t know this guy before today, not saying that’s bad, but I’m more excited for this guy, than the past two hires.

This is a young guy who has been in the college ranks for the past 8 years and knows college basketball and what it takes to recruit. Specifically in the ACC. He’s learned under quality coaches, Tony Bennett could be a hall of famer one day, and I sense he will get us going in the right direction.

Like everyone else, I have to see it to believe it. Can’t wait to see who his staff is.

I think some people actually thought that Billy Donovan was going to come and come us.

Comes across better here.

I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. (I’m amazed that some of you have the opinions yo do).

Ithink the first thing you do is reach out to the incoming freshman. They might not be great, but short of grad transfers, they are the best players we are going to get here next season.
Then JD,AW and the Serbs.

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Unless JD/Aw are graduating early, they would be transferring their senior year. That’s tough

If Sanchez can somehow steal Patrick Williams and Jaelyn Withers from the big boys, that would be big time.