Ron Sanchez Positive Thoughts Thread

Opening this thread as requested.

Just to get the ball rolling, I think Ron made some positive movements during the year

  1. Changed the lineups multiple times during the season to seek different combinations
  2. This years lineup was most talented we have had in a while without 3 players we were counting on playing
  3. Folkes has grown as a guard over the year. Cut down his silly fouls and was a force on defense.
  4. Won the CBI. I didn’t really like us being in it but felt like if we did play in it we should try to win it and we did.

Just some of my positive thoughts.

I wonder how long it will take the Gang of Four or so to post the usual vitriol on anything positive being said

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clt says the team did well in the classroom.

Who? Jallow…and Braswell (though he played 1/3 of the season and saw huge regression from the previous season, so I’d argue we might have actually slightly improved by redirecting his minutes to more productive players after he went out). Who is the third? Aldrich played in 28 games so surely you aren’t talking about him as though we spent the season without him.

Jallow has done nothing since he’s been here. He has played in 10 games total since he’s been here. I don’t fault the guy for being injured, and even feel bad for him, but he better be cordially dismissed after this season to open that scholarship up for someone else.

Well let’s see. Ron has a winning record over Davidson. That’s bout all I got.

Ron is not associated with any alleged crime activity. There have been no strippers or hookers reported in the media. There has been no sexual liaisons with boosters in restaurants. In other words, he is no Rick Pitino.

How about, Ron has never had a losing record in the AAC?

Seems like a good family man.

Ron’s team this year did better than last year

Ron’s best player on the team hasn’t transferred yet like last year

Braswell was not healthy all year. The thumb was what took him out, but had back issues all year. He was not himself this year that is for sure. At least that was my understanding.

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sheila broflovski singing GIF by South Park

Ron Sanchez is a better coach than Alan Major.

Style of play allows older fans to catnap during games.


But not a better clapper.

Ron is tied with Lee Rose in career wins at Charlotte.

We beat all the SoCon and Big South teams we played

His offense is more productive than the 4 corners

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Ron is equally good at standing up and sitting down.

From a time investment perspective…The game actually goes by quicker thanks to all of the timeouts he keeps in his pocket during all of our many scoring droughts

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clt says ron has nice q zips

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