Ryan Murphy to transfer from Charlotte

#Today Ryan Murphy announced his intent to transfer from Charlotte

Here is an updated version of the scholarship table to reflect his departure. https://agent49.net/scholarship-table/

Dang…I hate this.

I really liked Murph as a player and young man. Wish him nothing but the best. We’ll see if anyone else follows him in transferring out of the program.

I liked his game. Really good shooter and competitor. He must have seen the writing on the wall with Robb and shepherd. I assume we will use this open school is in 2018?

This kind of surprises me because out of all the returning players, he seemed like the most receptive and excited about the new staff. He may have realized that he won’t be a great fit with the new system, which is probably true. He is really talented and in the right system at a lower level mid major he could definitely start and probably average 15+ per game. He always played hard and by all accounts is a good kid. I hope he finds success st his next stop.

I had dinner with him at an event and he is engaging, understands the importance of his role when it comes to hanging out with old donors, and chews with his mouth closed (take a note Reid Aube). He brings instant energy onto the court and could light the opponent up if they played off him. He is also physically fragile and might not survive a tough defense oriented style of play. I wish him the best of luck, and look forward to seeing who fills that slot.

I went to an event and Reid Aube was supposed to be there. Didn’t even show up.

I wish him the best! Always played hard.

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Who will Sanchez target now? Possibly a big/?

One would hope.


immediate eligibility?

I’m guessing trying for medical redshirt.

Murphy is a smart kid, I’d imagine he came in with some college credits. Perhaps with a full Summer session he could graduate early. That’s the only way I can see eligible immediately.

FWIW, 13 pts, 4 rebs and 3 assts in debut with Pitt, which beat FSU 63-61 tonight.

He looked pretty good lasr night.

I had dinner at a table with Murphy at some event a couple of years ago, and he seemed like a really good guy. I get why anyone that left us over the last few years did, because we have been a mess. We all knew he was a good shooter and will have some good nights, but he really wasn’t the player that Sanchez is looking for to build our program. He is too small, and kind of fragile. We won’t cross paths with him so good luck to him. If he had gone to Wake I would have to hate him.

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Game high 28 pts in 75-70 loss today to Nicholls State. One time Niners recruit Au’Diese Toney called for traveling with 25 seconds left and Pitt down by three.

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Murphy among the college players who wear #24 in honor of Kobe profiled in this piece: