Sad to watch...

Bobby Lutz Interview - February 2010

I’d make the trade back.

I’ll never forget that Temple win in Halton that year

If only Judy Rose had any clue what she was doing…

The GT game that year was awesome as well, despite the loss. Derrio was insane in that game.

I love Bobby and loved he coached here…however…this constant pining for him is, well, clinically pathological. Get over it y’all. HE AIN’T COMIN’ BACK and when he was here we sucked in his final years. We HAVE GOT TO MOVE ON as a fan base and a program.

As always, I wish Bobby well. He’ll forever be a Nner. Having said that, he wasn’t getting the job done and a change was made. The direction the change takes remains to be seen; however, that doesn’t negate the fact a change was needed.

Yes, if only we could “suck” like that again… ::slight_smile:

I can’t believe threads like these are still being started…talk about sentimentality run amuck. There are paid professionals whose job it is to help you accept that which is real and move on with your life. Would be a great idea for some of you.

What is sad about these threads is that they will read by recruits, parents of recruits, and high school coaches.

I wasn’t happy with this season results but you don’t see me going to the internet to cry like some little b****. Donate more money to the program then maybe the AD will listen to your half-ass cause.

Yes, if only we could “suck” like that again… ::)[/quote]

No thanks. Let’s just be good again, regardless of the coach, and leave the names out of it.

God I’m so glad he’s gone.

Stranger things have happened - wouldn’t suprise me if Lutz didn’t get a call if AM is a bust. A package deal with Mox would be required though.

Lutz will not get a call from us. One of the most absurd things I’ve read on this board.

Because they were such a stellar duo in the first place.

These threads are hilarious

Yes, if only we could “suck” like that again… ::)[/quote]

A selective memory…can be pathological too.

I realize Bobby ain’t coming back, but to say that 20 & 19 win seasons in 2 of his last 3 years is equilivelant sucking to 10 & 13 under Major is crazy, 49er1.

I wouldn’t say Bobby sucked in his final years but we were in basketball pugatory. Getting rid of Lutz was the right move. Whether hiring Major was the right move has yet to be seen.

I used to be irrationally nostalgic too, I love thinking back to those good ole days.

Yes, if only we could “suck” like that again… ::)[/quote]

A selective memory…can be pathological too.[/quote]

You mean like picking certain seasons to “prove” your point that Lutz “sucked” (including a 19-12 season)…you mean like that kind of selective memory?