SC Upstate 11/30 4:00 Tip

Good timing for a home game against an inferior team. A good opportunity to get a double digit win and some extra minutes for those trying to crack the normal rotation.

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They played Louisville tough for a half and a half so we can’t overlook anybody. Need a win for confidence.


Inferior team? Do you remember the last time we played them in Halton?

Certainly expect us to win easily as the Spartans are 1-6 with the lone win coming against Georgia NAIA school Truett-McConnell. This is NOT the USC Upstate team that beat us in Halton 108-103 back in 2016. Current squad has only one player averaging double figures (12.1 ppg), though another very close (9.9 ppg).

if we give them the ball 19 times on our possessions and shoot 5-22 from 3pt… it won’t be an easy win.

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And for those who don’t follow closely and prefer to comment based on box scores and the W-L record alone, SCUS is by far the worst team we’ve played this season. That’s the basis for my post to start the thread.

I’d say a toss up between USCU and UMES being the worst teams we’ll play. Former is 1-6 (0-6 vs D-I) and the latter 0-7. UMES even lost their preseason exhibition with Maryland D-III school Salisbury University!

This just makes me sad.

at the moment I say we win because we are playing at home. I’ve seen a good charlotte team 3x this year at home. It’s been straight garbage on the road. Are the players going Varsity Blues on the nights before game?

I had this game @ 7:00 on my schedule. When did it change?

Looks like all of our Saturday home games are 4:00 pm starts.

Yeah this same sched had all the other games at 4 except uscu. Anyway, I’ll be at the basketball game, but our football game at odu won’t be over by the time this game begins. Hope my system can stand these two games going on at the same time. YIKES!!

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Charlotte was not garbage at GSU. That was actually a well played game, other than the turnovers…by both teams. Charlotte was actually pretty respectable at JMU as well, especially given that it was game 1 and on the road with an almost entirely new team. I’d say only the App game was a disaster.

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I don’t know that I would call it a well played game. We let GSU hit 50% from the floor, and 55% from 3 pt range. For a team that believes everything starts with defense we did not do a good job. There will be nights like this, but we also took more shots from 3 than GSU did (5-22 vs 11-20), and our offense was not clicking either. Our job when we hit the floor is to win, and we did not get it done. Our season isn’t over or anything, but JMU, App and GSU were all very winnable games.

Happy Thanksgiving Niner Nation!

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Everybody we play this season is a winnable game. I agree we played pretty well, actually. They hit big shots at big moments and we actually kept answering on offense. It’s more than just the stat line for us. @ App St, who is not as good as Ga St, we played awful on both ends. This game against Ga St was a real improvement in many ways just a few days later, even if there is plenty to improve, as the stat line suggests.

Of course, they were winnable, but they were also loseable. I suspect we win all 3 at home. GSU had some open looks, but really hit quite a few against good defense. It happens sometimes.

The 49er Club green and gold pregame hospitality rooms will open at 2pm on Saturday, November 30 so that we can show the start of the Charlotte vs ODU football game. Doors to the facility will open at 2pm. We hope to see you there!

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Can’t the game be shown on the arena screens prior to the start of the basketball game?

I remember when the Panthers had that big playoff game against the Rams during a Niner basketball game…they had the Panthers game on the TVs in the concourse. I’m sure they could at least do that.

Not saying they will. But I’d imagine they’d find a way to show it in some way as big of a game as it is for us.

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Yeah remember that Panthers game on TV before we played and beat ezu, and Clay Aiken sang the national anthem and a song at halftime. It was Clay Aiken bobble head night too. But a very bittersweet day for me. I lost my dad very early that morning after 12 years of a post stroke stay in a nursing home. Never forget that day ever.