Seeya CUSA!

I like the way this guy is thinkin’.

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Milf Goodbye GIF by Fergie

This stretch in CUSA was just weird… we tried to manufacture “rivalries” with both ODU and Marshall which never really stuck, the conference was never really any good in basketball sans this year. Our football had one decent bowl year which we backed into.

I had to go back and look, didn’t realize we joined the conference again in 2013, so it’s been just under 10 years we have been in CUSA 3.0, seems like a lot less than that.

Baseball was probably the only thing that got better moving from the A-10.

I don’t think our Athletic department is any better than it was 10 years ago, which is pretty piss poor when you look at other schools in the nation that have made great strides over the same time.

As much as we want to bash Hill for how he has handles Sanchez thank God he got us into the AAC…

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…which will basically be C-USA except more :moneybag:

And nice airports! :flight_departure:

Conference USA move was made for one reason….football. They even allowed us to receive us share early. Without CUSA I don’t think the financials for football would have worked.

All that being said bye bye. Hated the curtain basketball tournament.

Charlotte fans can’t really bash CUSA. We did nothing to help elevate the conference. Basically we were a dead weight parasite.


Worst tournament setup ever! Can’t believe they did commercials for it as a positive. Also, I’ll be glad to see some new conference commercials. It didn’t feel like they changed in the 10 years we were in there.

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Selling the black curtain as a positive…is almost as absurd as selling Sanchez as a positive.

Maybe that’s where Mike learned how to spin.

Yep. I have nothing against cusa. Cusa didn’t hold us back from accomplishing anything. We are our own worst enemy.


Def have mixed emotions about our time in 3.0. They gave us the FBS lifeline. So thankful for that and was a solid league for many of our sports. With that said management of the leagues was awful, media was beyond terrible and over all the league was just poor - of course as far as field performance goes in football and basketball we did more than our share at contributing to overall suckiness.

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Correct and anyone who thinks otherwise is just completely lost. The only thing holding us back is ourselves. We aren’t excellent because excellence is not demanded. We don’t set standards and hold ourselves accountable. The state of our program is the end result.


All I’ve ever heard is that we are attractive to conferences because of the market. CUSA didn’t change that.

We underperform pure and simple. Until we fix it doesn’t matter whether we’re in the Southeastern or Southern. We are the frigging kings of excuses

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We won all of four FBS non-conference games during our time in CUSA GSU (2015), UMass (2019), Duke (2021), and GSU (2022). A lot of years CUSA football wasn’t that strong yet we only managed one bowl game. In basketball we were pretty much a basement dweller. We failed to make the CUSA tournament twice. We never came close to competing in basketball and again the league wasn’t that strong. No reason schools like Marshall, FAU, and MTSU should have far better basketball teams than us given our history, facilities, and geography.

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The only reason any program moves up is their market. No one cares about a winning program without a market. So either you get a winning brand with a market or you bet on a brand with a market. So far conferences have bet on us and we’ve not proven worthy of the bet… yet.

Plus that other criteria for the AAC - nice airport.

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CLT needs to address the terminal sizes and the alley between the current runways more than adding runways. I have started connecting through DC and Laguardia to Wilmington versus going through CLT. Also, not enough bathrooms and crap dining choices at CLT.

Sorry to hear not enough crap dining choices at Char-Doug!

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YEh right, there are great dining choices at ILM.

Of course not, but that is my home airport. Was referring to the layover as Wilmington is not an American hub. Didn’t know you folks would be so butt hurt over an airport, but in all seriousness CLT needs some terminal upgrades. You can barely pass down through the B or C terminals because people are standing in the aisles due to the lack of seating since most larger aircraft go out of those. Terminal D is not a great international terminal. Terminal E is ok, but is really long. Terminal A is nice but because it is new. B and C need the most work as nothing has changed in those in over 20 years. I would love to see some nicer restaurants in the airport. Whiskey River in E had a good selection of food, but scaled back when covid hit. I do think the Panda Express in E is the best value in the airport. Panera Bread in terminal A is also not bad.