Seth Bennett - 2019 SG - committed to Charlotte as PWO

Anytime you can land another shooter and a kid with d1 offers as a walk on, it’s a good thing. Kid looks like he can help us.

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Love this pickup, especially as a walk on. We have to win inside 485. This helps build that bridge.

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Knowing how we play walk-ons, I hope this guy is the best walk-on in D1!

…but I hope we dont need to play him except in the last couple minutes if we are ahead big.

this seems like one of those walk ons who can earn a schollie later. i dont think it’s unreasonable to expect 5-7 mpg out of him if need be, since he is a legit d1 player(based on offers obviously). think about past walk ons who have played a decent amount of minutes and been respectable, aube, lewis, blight, kitoko. none of these guys had more than d2 offers out of high school. maybe this slightly alleviates our need to add another shooter in this class and focus more on bigs.

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I would prefer a tight 8 man right rotation. I think players yanked for mistakes all the time can’t build rhythm or confidence. If he can break into the 8, wonderful. The level of talent drops as you go down the bench.

i’m sort of torn on this. on one hand, i think having a consistent rotation can be a good thing for consistency but i think following the fsu method of wearing teams down with depth and length and defense, can be a great way to win a lot of games, especially if you don’t bring in mcdaa’s. even if we have an 8 man rotation, at least having some quality guys from 9-13, can be a huge benefit.

If he can hit 40% from 3-point land & play defense he can be a valuable asset off the bench. Maybe not in year one but eventually with experience he could be a very good role player.


55 you are the biggest glass half full guy when it comes to 49er basketball. Personally, I hope the kid doesn’t sniff the floor unless it is a blowout. I hope that he is a good player.

if this kid can have a couple of solid(7-10 points) games, or hit a couple of clutch threes in any games this season, i would consider this a huge win. any time you can get anything positive from a walk on without needing to play them, its a great thing.

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do not misunderstand what i am saying. i am not saying this kid is gonna be a great player and i agree that i hope we dont need to play him but my point is that he is not a standard walk on. he had legit d1 offers, which means he should be able to play a couple of minutes and if he is our 12th or 13th man, he is a much better 12th or 13th man than we would normally have. im not making predictions about next season bc there are too many variables and things we don’t know but i am excited to have this kid on board. not trying to hype him up but pointing out that he is a step up relative to what our walk ons usually are and similar in terms of recruiting profile to a lot of kids price recruited.

Getting hyped about a walk on. What a time to be alive.

we are nto getting hyped about a walk on, mr. negative. we are saying that considering we dont have to use a scholarship on this guy, this is a good add. you don’t need to turn everything into something negative.

I’m just giving you crap. I love your optimism about all of the players. If nothing else he should create more competition in practice which will help the team improve.

It’s a non scholarship player. If he plays, we suck.

No, not really. He could just end up being way better than people except. Its happened before.

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if he plays a lot, you are probably correct but there are always cases of walk ons becoming good players for good teams, i.e., fred van fleet at wsu who now plays in the nba.

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Lol. Welcome aboard Seth.

Can only be a positive his dad works for the hornets too.

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wasn’t there some guy named Maya that did pretty well for … oh, who was it? he initially approached college as a PWO if my memory serves me.